Welcome to the MasterHarper's Office!

Welcome to the office of the Masterharper of Harper's Tale MOO [V3.0]. Herein you shall find the knowledge and lore of our craft, lovingly preserved throughout the turns. Enter reverently, tread softly, and find the wisdom you seek. To access the old site, please visit Here


What Is the Harpercraft?

The Harpercraft is perhaps the most versatile Pernese craft, encompassing many fields. Teaching is perhaps its most important function, encouraging open, creative, forward-looking thought. A Harper acts as mediator, official record-keeper, political advisor, and judge, among others in their role as a representative of the Craft and and the Hold or Weyr to which they are posted. Of course, the Craft's best known trade is entertainment, in realms that range from theatre to art to dance to their most conspicuous field, music.

What is Harper's Tale MOO?

Harper's Tale is a Pern-themed roleplaying MOO based on the "Dragonriders of Pern" books by Anne McCaffrey. Currently, on our timeline HT has just finished the 10th Pass of the Red Star, meaning Thread is not falling presently. (But will when the Interval ends.) For the sake of this game, the events occurring in "All the Weyrs of Pern" never took place.

HT is set around Ista Island and the High Reaches area. All of the major
crafts are represented here; several Halls are at at Ista Weyr, but the main
Herdercraft Hall has been relocated to High Reaches. There is one major PC
Hold, Ista, and two minor holds here (Gar and Seacliffs), and of course Ista
and High Reaches Weyrs house the dragonrider population.

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