General Rank Requirements

To be a Harper Apprentice you must ICly have the following:
1. @history must be set.
2. Be under the age of 15, and older than the age of 10. Rarely, exceptions can be made, but Harpercraft never accepts anyone under the age of 8.
3. Not be handfasted, or have children
4. Have a working knowledge of the MOO and your character's history

Joining the channel Music Student (addcom ms=Music Student) is a good way to communicate with existing Harpers and Harper Hopefuls. You can discuss whatever you'd like, and ask any questions you may have here.

Apprentice Guidebook

The following guidebook is intended to help new players learn about the Harper Craft of Harper’s Tale MOO. In its current version, the Apprentice’s Guidebook was written by Harper Journeymen Liesana and Torlan

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