By Post
Name Rank
Sadaiya Student
Brethion Apprentice
Clarisse Apprentice
Ferna Apprentice
Melissandria Apprentice
Mykhal Apprentice
Peron Apprentice
Tronar Apprentice
Yiarel Apprentice
Danolan Sr. Apprentice
Jamilah Sr. Apprentice
Matilda Sr. Apprentice
Moria Sr. Apprentice
Tremaine Sr. Apprentice
Vidianos Sr. Apprentice
Zaelara Sr. Apprentice
Zilurana Sr. Apprentice
Cothia Journeyman
Fintan Journeyman
Erikkhan Journeyman
Jellem Journeyman
Jhiedrik Journeyman (Inactive)
Nherys Journeyman
Realilina Journeyman
Sara Journeyman
Vezre Journeyman
Alesa Master
Kurt Master (Journeyman Dolphineer)
Tony Master (Retired)
Veldara Master
Ylisa Master (Inactive)
P'kar IH Watchrider
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