Current Happenings

Sun Apr 3 19:55:35 2011 PDT

And what have the Harpers been up to during the plague outbreak? As Ista Hold has been tightly guarded against the plague, the Harpers have followed suit. Travelling Journeymen have been urged to stay put, and the flow of information via written materials is almost at a standstill. The drumtowers have been abuzz with even more information than usual, and the drummers are pushed almost to their breaking points. The Istan Harper Hall residents are furiously scanning the archives in hopes of finding relevant information from past plagues that might be of help to the Healers to stop the outbreak.

Sadly, the craft has not been without loss of life. The first Harper casualty came in the form of beloved archivist, Master Cashogan who was on vacation to visit relatives in the High Reaches area when the plague hit. The Harper Hall is now without a head archivist, and rumors swirl about who will replace him. And what of Journeyman Schmendrick, who is posted at High Reaches Hold? The Istan Hall has heard a few vague drumtower messages from him asking for help, and so assumes he is still alive (unless he is somehow magically drumming from beyond the grave), but sadly is in no position to send much help. The Hall also still hopes to hear more news from him as well as any news from Journeyman Sarillia who is posted at High Reaches Weyr.

Sun Jan 23 20:25:26 2011 PST

With the arrival of summer came a certain dance specialist and her mentor, fresh back from a tour of Igen. It seems the dancers of the hall are in a flurry of extra rehearsals and costume fittings. Weavers have been back and forth to work on new and colorful couture, and rumors are spreading that a dance tour is in the works. Nothing will be confirmed or denied by either Master Jhadi, Master Alesa or any of the other high rankers at the hall, though. The other hot gossip is that one of the newer Journeymen may have a new beau, a few apprentices may or may not have seen them associating in the Flying Mug. Said Journeyman is neither confirming or denying this either-which /obviously/ merits much more investigation, at least by the gossip mongers and poor, 'bored' apprentices.

Sat Jan 8 20:02:06 2011 PST

Seems there has been a recent infestation of rats and tunnelsnakes in the Shainman Rehearsal Hall and other areas. The commotion began when Apprentice Zubana attempted to practice her scales one morning and noticed a fat rat scrambling up her music stand. It continued when Alesa found an extra hairy 'student' in one of her classes. The acting Istan Craftmaster has ordered that no more food or drink be brought into non designated areas while the infestation is being dealt with. Until then, enjoy all the moaning and groaning Apprentices who will be punished and have their food confiscated if they are caught with it in the classrooms, instrument workshops, rehearsal halls and anywhere else that is not a dining hall.

Sun Dec 5 18:38:04 2010 PST

The hall is soon to be one less Journeyman. Journeyman Vezre, a performance and history specialist, has accepted a posting at Ista Weyr. Good things are sure to come! Not so good things were discovered in the men's bathrooms at the Istan Harper Hall, however. The public bathrooms have been vandalized.
"Colorful" graffiti covers most of the men's room walls. The culprit(s) has/have not yet been caught.

Sun Nov 14 20:28:08 2010 PST

The current phrase to describe the recent goings on at the Istan Harper Hall is something like 'out with the new, in with the new'. With the recent slew of Journeyman promotions, there has definitely been the expected exodus of new Journeymen taking promotions in exotic locations. Telgar, Ruatha and Boll are just a few of the places sporting more Harpers with shiny new knots.At the same time, a gaggle of youngsters from Gar and Tillek seem to have invaded the hall, starting their apprenticeships. Busy busy!

Sun Nov 7 08:00:08 2010 PST

The Harpers have been hard at work planning one of their traditional craft dinners. The Hall has been abuzz with excited talk, from who would be walking the tables, to who would be wearing what. The actual dinner was fancier and with more pomp and circumstance than many in recent turns. The menu was more elaborate, the decorations a bit more lavish and the Master table more crowded than usual. Even the MasterHarper Civur himself made the journey from the Fortian hall to attend this event. The outcome? The Jouneyman's table had to make way for five new arrivals, Vezre, Cothia, Koeseran, Silfiel and Kosten. All the Masters at the Master table wholeheartedly welcomed Alesa into their ranks. Thankfully, temporary Istan Crafthead Master Gesal was able to find his glasses and his sanity long enough to escort her to her new table and present her with her new knot. The Hall is very excited about all of their newly promoted, and expect great things to come in their futures.

Log is here, congrats everyone!

Sun Oct 17 21:52:21 2010 PDT

It was so uneventful at the Hall this sevenday, everyone must wonder if all the harpers were wiped out secretly. But no, really. They're planning something… Alesa herself hasn't been seen in a sevenday or two. Did her Master's exams make her panic and go into hiding? Or did she fall down the 'secret' tunnels and couldn't get out? Rumors swirl as rumors do.

Sun Oct 10 17:46:09 2010 PDT

A bright green dragon, smelling of peppermint and redwort, landed in the Istan Hold courtyard, allowing a Journeyman Harper to dismount the side before rinsing his hands with his redwort solution and heading off into the Harper Hall.He was on a mission.Journeyman Schmendrick apparently was assigned with taking Journeyman Alesa's knot and putting her on candidate status for being a Harper Master, which includes plenty of grueling exams to determine her competency. Will she be successful? Or will the MasterHarper deem her unworthy of such a prestigious position? And was temporary Istan Crafthead Gesal mumbling something about his dancing trundlebug friend?

Only time will tell…
In other news, many Senior Apprentices have been seen scurrying here and there, working on their Journeyman projects. More than usual…the communal drive seems to be ramped up, likely influenced by the change in leadership. The Hall is very hopeful about its best and brightest as they continue their trek towards Journeymanship and becoming even more contributing members of Pernese society.

Sun Oct 3 22:01:03 2010 PDT

The Fortian Harper Hall is taking its time to evaluate candidates for the new Istan Crafthead, but things are settling down nicely. The apprentices finally have new supplies, and the Journeymen and Masters are taking advantage of the ease in tensions at the hall. Classes are being held outdoors again, the artists feel free to paint with any colors they choose and all crafters finally feel free to speak their minds. It is like the hall has a breath of fresh air running through it for the first time in ..turns it seems. The temporary Crafthead, Master Gesal, although somewhat forgetful, and dare we say, slightly senile, is at least keeping things running at a decent, albeit slower pace.

Sun Sep 12 19:39:27 2010 PDT

Life at Harper Hall, although much less tumultuous than when Veldara ruled with an iron fist, is still far from boring. Slowly the stocks and supplies have been built up, and relations with the main Fortian hall have been repaired. Sort of. Fort Hold is keeping quite a discerning eye on its Istan outpost because some of that lady's minions might still be lurking about. Or something.

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