Ista Map by Kira

In the books, Harper Hall is primarily located in Fort Hold. As Fort on Harper's Tale is primarily NPC, for purposes of game play, we play as if Harper Hall is in the Ista Hold area.

Ista Hold occupies the whole of Ista Island, a large, partly desert island to the Southwest of the Igen Hold coast. The name Ista comes from the initials of the four families that settled there. Due to its temperate climate and low humidity, Ista, like the American Southwest, has served as retirement destination for those suffering from the symptoms of old age. Ista Weyr, on the island, has traditionally been a place for the recuperation of injured dragons and riders. Ista Hold is protected from Threadfall by Ista Weyr.
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Ista Island is much like Hawaii. A low mountain ridge forms the backbone of the island. Ridges run off to the sea, forming isolated coves on the south and west sides of the island. On the east side of the central ridge, rolling grasslands slope out to the sea. The eastern shore of the island is all white-sand beaches and rolling sand dunes. The western shores are white or black sand (depending on proximity to volcanic activity), and tropical forests stretch from ridgetop to beach in almost every cove.

South of the Weyr are several smaller islands, including one still-active volcano.
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We Harpers are famous for our beach parties, as Master Kurt says "nobody loves anything more than an impromptu Harper beach party". Sometimes, classes are held outdoors to revel in the warmth of the Ista area and get a whiff of that refreshing sea air. Harper Craft is also heavily in attendance at most any Gather anywhere else, where we'll have a craft tent to sell our instruments and other handmade items and a bunch of performers of all sorts.

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