Leyte, The Harper Hall's Eyes and Ears

Firelizard Hurt, Jr. Harper Sad

Leyte leans close to you and whispers confidentially …

Let me tell you that you really need to walk as if you are on the hatching grounds when that little Jr. Harper is around. I saw her come into the hall, and her baby firelizard is all bandaged around his head. He was sedate and quiet, but she looked as if she had been crying for hours. It's such a shame to have happened just when the little brown had learned to go ::between::, too!

Those Crazy Apprentices

Leyte leans close to you and whispers confidentially …

The elderly woman grins a bit maliciously as she dispenses her little tidbit of information. "I tell you, those apprentices are up to something. Well, I know they're always up to something, but this seems unusual. I found a whole drove of them whispering in the corner one day. They had hides out, like their conversation was about classes, but I knew better. I snuck a little closer, and I picked up a few of the strangest things. 'Poison' and 'traps'…It was certainly unusual. Kepp your eyes peeled, you hear?"

Starcrafters at Ista Hold

Leyte leans close to you and whispers confidentially …
Apparently, two Starcraft Journeywomen are seeking Guest Rooms at Ista Hold!
I overheard two of those Starcraft Journeywomen asking Andron for Guest Rooms. One of them mentioned something about being here on Craft business, but I got shooed off before I could hear more. Makes me wonder what the Starcraft is planning now!

Secret Passages

Leyte leans close to you and whispers confidentially …
Say Remember that whole mess with Majori, years back? Apparently, there's a secret passage under the trapdoor, behind the curtain, in the Shainman Rehearsal Hall, that leads out of the Hall! Below the table, in the Moon Garden, is where it comes out, I hear. I reckon one could use it to sneak out, if they could find the way!" (To get to the Moon Garden, go to the Hold Gather Grounds, then to Gardens, then to Flower Gardens, then to Pebbled Path, then to Moon Gardens. To enter the secret passage, type 'below table.' Good luck finding your way!)

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