A blatant mix of IC and OOC in a public area that has never been seen before..or since.

Shainman Rehearsal Hall
The largest room in the Istan Harper Hall, save the Ballroom, this room has wonderful acoustics that make sound bounce off the walls just so. From lessons to rehearsal to just listening to the marvellous sounds that fill the room, there's always a surplus of people about: harpers of every rank, and even a few holders. Tiers fill almost every wall in the room. The choir levels are on the right, with a deep curtained-off space beneath that serves as a repository for chairs and other nameless items. The orchestra benches are directly in front, arranged in semicircles around a low platform, with smaller areas for group rehearsal on the left. In one of these stands a 'harpsichord'. The back wall, containing the entrance, is decorated with a large 'mural' illustrating a well-known ballad. The room is spotlessly clean and only completely empty in the early hours of the morning when most harpers have to tear themselves away from their work for a few winks of sleep.
Watching from a high ledge are four firelizards.
You see Bean Dip, Tortilla Chips, Balan Hold Lager Keg, Pepperoni Pizza, Party Tray, Toga Streamers, Punch, and The Remains of Veldara's Gitar here.
Mykhal and Zilurana are here.
Obvious exits:
Main Hall

Realilina runs around in a toga.

Lina's skin is a healthy honey-beige hue, accented by a light spattering of freckles across the her nose and cheeks. Her facial features still are somewhat childish. Her eyes are rather large for her heart-shaped face, their color light brown with a sprinkling of green and blue hidden within. Her hair is a light reddish-blond, and when let loose is slightly wavy. Her lips are rosy, though not very full. She seems to be finally growing into her body; she's still on the short side, somewhere right above 5 feet, with a slender frame now displaying signifigantly her womanly curves. Her limbs aren't awkwardly long but are instead in proportion to the rest of her body. Her hands have long, graceful fingers and a trained eye might notice calluses on her fingertips, indicating her status as a Harper.
On her shoulders sits a cream-colored toga, tied snugly and securely.
A knapsack is thrown over her shoulder.
Displayed proudly on her shoulder is the knot of a Harper Sr. Apprentice.
She is a teenager of about 19. She is awake and looks alert.

Mykhal is feeling freed in ways he thought were only possible in the bathing pools…

An average looking fellow, Mykhal has short cropped blonde hair and icy blue eyes. His small nose makes his cheeks appear bigger than they are and his pointed chin and thin lips give him an almost aristrocratic appearance, if not for the mild scars and pits on his face that seem to be fading. He stands approximatly 6 feet tall and is lightly muscled.
Mykhal is wearing light blue toga… not really much else to say about this garment. Its not belted, and Mykhal is wearing a comfy pair of sandals to go with it.
He is a teenager of about 15. He is awake and looks alert.

Realilina snickers.
Realilina drops Pandora's Box.
Realilina opens Pandora's Box.
Well, you're a real bright one, aren't you? You've doomed the world. Good job. Oh, wait. I guess that already happened, didn't it? Huh. Carry on, then.

Pandora's Box
I wouldn't open this if I were you.
The Remains of Veldara's Gitar

The Remains of Veldara's Gitar
A gitar in ruins, formerly of nice sheen and splendor. Veldara isn't going to be happy.
Realilina says, "Nice touch, don't you think?"

Realilina drops The Remains of Veldara's Gitar.
Realilina snickers.
Realilina closes Pandora's Box.
Mykhal says, "quite!"
Realilina takes Pandora's Box.

Mykhal is quite curious. "is that all thats in there? you've lost hope, and tried to replace it with a broken guitar?
Realilina grins. Exactly!
Zilurana XD

Mykhal slaps his face. "i hate being right.

Realilina says, "But, my dear friend, you are only right in so many ways. You see, this broken gitar /is/ our hope."
Mykhal takes a cup of Balan Lager. "anyone else thirsty?"
Mykhal takes a long drink from the cup, then thinking about what Lina said asks "what do you mean?"

Realilina grins, "I'll take some punch, thanks. And I'm not sure what I mean. I'm just trying to sound like I know what I'm talking about. Is it working?" She blinks innocently.
Mykhal says, "man, you think anyone else will join, or are we gonna have to try this again?""
Realilina thinks we have to announce it.

Zaelara strides energetically in from the ballroom.
Zaelara says, "Tell me everything that happened,"
Zaelara says, "NOW."
Mykhal hands Realilina punch
Zaelara says, "Oh and Hi too."

Zaelara says, "What kinda punch? and have you spiked it?"
Mykhal stumbles towards Zae. "hiiiiiii… .zaeeeeeeee!"
Realilina snickers and takes the cup of punch, addressing Zaelara, "Nothing. And probably."
Mykhal bumps into Zae, accidently spilling Balan Lager all over her!

Zaelara says, "Squee! ICly Zae has an amazing alcohol tolerance. tis common in harpers."
Zaelara says, "Like with her 'date' with ilidar at the gather a while back. ^.^"
Mykhal says, "yeahhhhh but Mykhal has not been a harper for too long. needs more IC training with the benden wines."

Realilina chokes on her punch, remembering that incident.
Mykhal stumbles alittle… "woullldyouuuuuuuu leiks a drinnnk?
Zaelara says, "Zae can help you with that! Ooh that might be a fun scene."
Mykhal wibble wabbles alittle bit. "sounds good. a drink, perhaps?" :D

Zaelara steps out of the way of mykhal, snatching the drink from him. "yes. Let me help you with yours."
Zaelara says, "they should make an PART-AY mailer."
Mykhal says, "dang @sends. theys are a pain in my arse. although perhaps we could plan an IC party next time. we might get more interested peoples… maybe. meh. what ever."

Zaelara says, "okie. "
Zaelara says, "But you can be ridiculously ridiculous at ooc parties, though the song about frusha at the HRW party was fairly ridiculous. even though no other harper would sing it with Zae."
Mykhal stumbles over for another cup of Lager. "sooooo whhaaa doya think… goood enoughhhhhhhhh for a cchhhahaper? yeaaah?"
Mykhal says, "man, that must have been something to see."

Zaelara says, "oh it was. Zae got up on a table and sang the ditty. all the harpers that were on pitched in on the lyrics."
Mykhal grins evilly. "do you think anyone will care that we are throwing this thing?
Zilurana says, "It was hysterical. Alas, I had to poofles for sleep as I was falling asleep at the keyboard. o.o"

Zaelara says, "if they care, so what? they don't like it, screw them."
Zaelara says, "Cuz we're having a party and that's final."
Mykhal says, "how long ago was that? and more importantly, why arent there more?"

Realilina snickers at Zaelara's response, "I've been a bad influnce."
Zaelara says, "The reaches one? month or two or three."
Mykhal says, "bah. harpers are pern's natural partiers."
You say, "It was during the HRW Search cycle. It wasn't too long before the Hatching."

Siril walks in from the ballroom.
Zaelara says, "yeah, we're the lindsay lohans of the pern world."
Mykhal says, "only better. we can actually sing."
Zaelara giggles. Lindsay lohan is an actress, not a singer.

Siril is curious… "whats going on here?
Realilina says, "Par-tay, bay-bah."
Zaelara says, "Well, mebbe."
Mykhal says, "meh. she was manufactured by disney. she can sing."

Zaelara says, "you just said she couldn't. XD"
Mykhal says, "togas are required in here. conform to the dress code! conform! conform!"
Siril: "Want some punch?"
Siril says, "uhhh… sure… what kind?"
Zaelara says, "Gah! I must change my dress."
Mykhal laughs.

Realilina realizes how spammy her desc is.
Zaelara says, "Ta-dah!"
Mykhal ewws at Siril's choice of toga. "perhaps you should wear a little something more before going regimental."

Thin shoulders, thin arms and tall. Siril appears to be well muscled, but is lean. His raven black hair, shortly cropped frames his face, keeping his appearance youthful. His sea green eyes dart about taking in all details.
Siril is wearing a plain white toga… and nothing else.
He is a teenager of about 17. He is awake, but seems rather distracted.

The one thing that really stands out about Zaelara when you look at her are her eyes. At first glance they appear to be green, but further inspection reveals them to be hazel, with many different shades of green and brown. Black hair that has a slight curl to it frames her face and ends in the middle of her back. She has a healthy tan, that has gotten rid of most of her freckles. Her normal sized nose sits above a pair of dark red lips, that usually sport a cheerful grin. Her fingers are calloused from harpering.
Zae is wearing a blood red, traditional style toga, with it synched at the waist with a golden cord. On her head she wears a decorative golden olive-branch thing.
Zaelara wears the knot of a Harper Apprentice.
She is a teenager of about 17. She is awake and looks alert.

Zaelara says, "You mean he's not wearing undies? that's called going commando, not regimental."
Mykhal says, "lol. you're wearing your harper knot with a toga."
Zaelara says, "So?"
Zaelara says, "Its a hot toga though, right? :P"

Mykhal says, "its regimental on togas because of how close it is to a kilt. when a man does not wear underwear in a kilt, its called going regimental. commandos wear pants."
Mykhal: :D
Mykhal says, "yeah the toga is fine. better than mine :p"

Realilina plays "I'm Not Wearing Underwear Today" from Avenue Q. It is now Siril's theme.
Zaelara says, "Ooh! Kilts! I want to see an HT-er in a man-skirt at least once."
Siril blushes. "ummm… i didnt mean it like that. I can change my clothes…

Zaelara shoves mykhal. We should have a manskirt party next.
Realilina cackles! Can the girls wear tuxes?
Mykhal says, "i will scan a picture i have of me in my kilt some time."

Zaelara says, "yes. Crosssdressing!"
Zilurana says, "There, dressed appropriately. :p"
Mykhal says, "no. kilts are male formal wear. we would have to wear dresses :P"
Zaelara says, "girls bring leaf blowers!"

Zaelara says, "guys can wear manskirts though."
Zilurana is a research hound and notes that Togas were the formal wear of men that were seated in the Roman senate. o.o
Mykhal says, "i look hot in a kilt. many women are curious about the custom."
Mykhal says, "of wearing a kilt that is."

Zilurana says, "But the real question is, do you wear a modern kilt, or do you wallow your kilt?"
Zaelara says, "You can honestly say you look hot? or you think chicks dig you, when they're just curious about the custom."
Zilurana says, "Enquiring minds want to know. ;)"
Mykhal eats a slice of pizza. "we should have brought spiniach calzones. those things are awesome.

Mykhal says, "no, i mean i think i look goooood! i was on the thin side then."
Zaelara eyebrow raises. Spinach?! what are you, a health nut?
Mykhal says, "nope. it just makes for an awesome calzone."
Realilina grins. Spinach is good!

Zilurana says, "Spinach is tasty. Okay, I'm an oddball, I've always liked the taste of spinach. o.o"
Zilurana hides from Zae. o.o
Mykhal says, "i grow my own. is not doing so well this year"
Zaelara says, "You should totally eat something more anti-healthy at a frat party!"

Mykhal says, "hey, now. im draining the keg."
Siril says, "what keg?"
Mykhal says, "type 'look'."
Zilurana snerks. Spinach dip is totally not healthy once you realize that it is mixed with all kinds of high fat ingredients. ;)

Zaelara says, "Get me a mug, and I'll have a drinking contest with someone! XD"
Mykhal woots to Zae's challenge!
Zaelara says, "Wait, what's in the keg?"
Mykhal thinks he should have brought the Benden Beer Bong…

Mykhal says, "its a dark brown lager beer"
Realilina snickers.
Zaelara says, "not says alcohol of choice, but twill do."
Mykhal says, "from balan hold, in a tillek wood keg"

Zaelara says, "Zaes not says."
Mykhal is puzzled. "what is your alcohol of choice?"
Zaelara says, "I'm starting to make typos on how words sound, not how they're spelled. theres something wrong with that."
Zaelara says, "Zae's is… Benden red, of course!"

Mykhal rolls eyes.
Realilina likes a light, fruity wine.
Zaelara says, "I can picture zae as a whiskey shot drinker too. or vodka."
Mykhal walks over towards the Lager Keg and starts to strain and squink real hard as if pushing something out…

Mykhal drops Keg of Benden Red Wine.
Zaelara says, "Ew, Mykhal that's nasty! I don't want it now!"
Mykhal with releif, Mykhal delivers red wine. "ok. better?" :D
Zilurana is seated quietly, sipping a glass of punch. Sipping is the key to being able to drink all night and not having had more than
two drinks. Three tops.

Zaelara vomits into the nearest persons drink.
Mykhal realizes that poor zil is gifted with vomit drink. :(
Mykhal wipes at the Benden Red with a towel and water.
Zaelara says, "its better than mykhals grodelated wine!"

Zilurana blinks and turns a distinct shade of green before setting her glass aside, "Thanks, Zae."
Realilina dies laughing.
Mykhal says, "ya know, at least i HAVE a method of sneaking a whole keg in past all of the masters!"
Zaelara turns to Zil, with an enormous grin. You're welcome.

Realilina shakes her head disapprovingly. "Girls have bras."
Zaelara says, "Exactly."
Mykhal grins. "and boys have anuses."
Realilina raises an eyebrow.

Zaelara says, "Oh yeah well girls have… *dad's watching*"
Girls have those plus some.
Zaelara says, "Say it for me, lina, my parents are monitoring what I type."
Mykhal looks innocent. "what? how else was I to get such a well aged barrel?"

Mykhal says, "its still good! freshness is sealed into the keg… the wine is uncontaminated!"
Realilina laughs. Girls have vaginas. We win. :P
Realilina laughs at Zae.
Zaelara says, "Thank you, lina."

Zilurana mrgs and gets a clean glass, fills it with punch, and finds a corner to hide in. Preferably far away from Zae.
Mykhal laughs. "and interestingly enough, i think that is something we can all happily agree on." :P
Mykhal picks up Keg of Benden Red Wine.

Realilina snickers, "Oh yes." Ehem.
Zaelara grabs a nearby mug. "Alllllriiiiight! who thinks they can best me in drinking?!"
Zilurana flips up the hem of her kirtle, unties the flask from where it is tied securely to her leg, and adds a good dollop of quickle to her punch, "There are other ways of sneaking things past the masters you know."

Mykhal says, "fine. I'll be back with a new one. then we will have benden"
Mykhal watches display keenly. "so i see."
Mykhal walks to the Main Hall.
Zaelara says, "you'd be surprised what them lacy bras can hide."

Realilina snickers.
Mykhal walks in from the ballroom.
Zilurana grins and snickers.
Mykhal drops Keg of Benden Red Wine.

Mykhal grins. "there we are… Arse free benden red.
Realilina dies.
Zilurana facedesks and dies! XD
Zaelara dives on the wine. "Myyyy Prrreeeeeccciouusss…."

Mykhal grins. "need me to tap that thing for ya?"
Zilurana says, "I think she's good. o.O"
Until the offer had been made, Zae had been gnawing on the edge of the barrel. "Fine."
Realilina nods. "I wouldn't interfere, if I were you."

Siril looks at all the crazy peoples. "are all harpers like this?"
Zaelara says, "yes!"
Zilurana snerkles and agrees.
Zaelara giggles insanely..

Mykhal side steps Zae, and gets a glass of Benden Red.
Mykhal quickly runs to the other side of the room
Zilurana says, "It takes a special kind of crazy to be a harper or a dolphincrafter. You have to be truly insane to go for both, which is what I'm thinking about doing. o.O"

Mykhal says, "uhhh… from what i have seen, this room represents the most active harpers here in HT, so i'd say… yeah. pretty zainy crowd."
Realilina grins, "Same, Zae."
Zilurana quietly ties her quickle back onto its hiding place under her kirtle.
Mykhal says, "i dont get what the appeal in dolphin singing is."

Zilurana says, "Well if you can actually get an active pdol, it's a lot of fun to RP with the dolphins."
Zaelara glomms onto his leg, but misses. She runs after him, then glomms onto his leg, this time with teeth! 'through a mouthful of Mykhalmeat' "Me first, you get wine laater. Give"
Mykhal is intrigued with Zilurana's smuggling methods.

Zilurana says, "Loose fitting clothes will hide a multitude of contraband. ;)"
Mykhal winces in pain.
Zaelara adds claws. "Drop. the wine."
Mykhal starts chugging glass out of spite. :D

Realilina used to stick things in her bra. You really couldn't notice, amoung what's "naturally" there. o.O
Zilurana takes pity on Mykhal and gets a second glass of wine, "Here, Zae. I have some nice wine right here," the wine is held at arms length towards Zae.
Mykhal thinks that perhaps Harper Butt smuggling is not the best way to go…

Zaelara spazzes and tackles him. she starts clawing him. "NUUU!!! Give it back Give it Back!!
Zilurana winces, sets the wine on the nearest flat surface and retreats back to her corner. o.O
Mykhal is depressed at the thought that he will not get the three marks he has paid younger apprentices to butt smuggle for his profits…

Zaelara had a friend who could hide a gamboy in her bra!
Mykhal screams loudly… in soprano
Zaelara giggles.
Realilina /stores/ her gameboy in her bra.

Realilina says, "When I need to be handsfree and all."
Mykhal says, "like the classic gameboy? the big fat one?"
Zilurana has no room in hers for anything but what is already there. o.O

Realilina laughs to Zae. I fall out either way. It's annoying.
Mykhal never before realized that vidge-a ma games could be no touches. ;)
Zaelara moves on from the screaming boy. and the grudges over to zil's glass, cradling it in a way that'd put smeagol to shame.
Realilina says, "Nah, just a Gameboy Color, Advance, or DS, depending on my mood."

Mykhal stops screaming in terror/pain. "healer! need a healer! is no one playing as a healer?!?"
Zilurana XD
Siril says, "man… you scream like a girl. you've totally lost face in front of the ladies."
Zaelara has a healer alt! who's demon spawn and bad tempered!

Zaelara says, "I'll bring her!"
Mykhal says, "thats still very ipressive. a DS folded up is almost the same size as a classic gameboy"
Mykhal says, "Zae! I cant feel my legs! help… me!"
Rara walks in from the ballroom.

Mykhal starts crawling on hands, dragging lifless legs behind him…
Mykhal says, "they're bleedin' all over the place!"
Mykhal crawls towards the booze
Rara walks in, ready to be someone's hero. Oh wait, dear god, its the apocalypse. The /last/ thing you want is rawrs butchering you.

Realilina has Ds. They're annoying.
Mykhal says, "must… get… benden"
Zilurana snugs and poofles. I need to walk the dog, and call the kid, and I'll just get an idle disconnect anyway.
Mykhal says, "i think that DS is ok"

Mykhal says, "mkay. take it easy Zil. ;)"
Zilurana has disconnected.
Rara walks over to mykhal and flips him over with her foot. Lets start the butchering! (not without pouring some wine and waving it in front of the patients face.)

Realilina says, "'A DS is fine too'?"
Zaelara says, "Are you frightened yet, mykhal? Cuz if you thought Zae was evil. Rawr REALLY is."
Mykhal says, "yeah"
Realilina snickers. "My sister is singing 'The Worst Pies in London' from Sweeney Todd."

Mykhal says, "nah. not frightened. Zae is pretty ok to me ;)"
Mykhal says, "i just got that in the mAIL"
Rara says, "Aw, that's too bad, because you should. RAwr fixes the legs, but not without 'forgetting the numbweed' and 'accidentally' leaving scars."

Realilina likes scars. They're pretty.
Mykhal mykhal screams in pain, as the butcher… errr doctor fixes the *nice* harper apprentice
Mykhal says, "wanna see mine? :D"
Zaelara says, "Why thankyou, lina, I'll take that as a compliment."

Zaelara says, "Wrong char! pretend Rawr said that. She's the one with the wicked sweet char."
Zaelara says, "scar. Gah, typos! they're eating my brain!"
Rara disappears in a cloud of green smoke, while cackling evilly.
Mykhal says, "will… will i live?"

A voice that seems to eminate from deep below says, "Of course you will."
Siril says, "well… this has been enough to scare me away from the harper hall for life…"
Realilina snickers, "OOC parties are like that."
Rara says, "Oh it should be. It should be."

Rara goes home.
Mykhal oooos and ahhhhs in wonderment and the disembodied voice.
Zaelara says, "do you understand the joke of the deep below part?""
Mykhal gets up and wibble wobbles over to the benden red wine for a looooooooooooog drink.

Mykhal says, "not really.""
Zaelara says, "Think about it."
Realilina snickers. "She's from hell."
Mykhal says, "ummmm… ive not been recently… inform me :D"

Siril goes home.
Zaelara says, "she is. she be the female form of damien."
Mykhal says, "ah. but not lilith. ithink i get it."
Zaelara zae wanders up to mykhal. "You. Drinking Contest. NOW."

Zaelara whoops. delete the extra zaelara.
Zaelara says, "Okay, this has ceased to be funny."
Mykhal says, "ok. im game if you are."
Mykhal wonders what has ceased to be funny

Zaelara fills her wine glass to the brim and chugs.
Zaelara says, "my typos."
Mykhal grins and repeats
Mykhal says, "tastes goo*hick* od"

Zaelara slams her glass on the table. Lina. Get my chuggin' mug.
Mykhal is suddenly worried about where this is going…
Zaelara says, "Oh you should."
Realilina meeps and happily fetches.

Mykhal says, "heh. im up for it… if you think you can best my greatness to the bottom of the last glass. :D"
Mykhal says, "so what are the stakes of the contest? a good contest with worthy adversaries should have good stakes."
Zaelara fills the 'chuggin mug' and of course, chugs it, messily wiping her mouth on her arm. "Feeling dizzy yet, lightweight?"
Realilina whispers to Mykhal, "You aren't worthy."

Mykhal refills glass. "where'd you get a beast of a cup like that?"
Mykhal drains glass in two gulps.
Mykhal looks at Realilina once her words had set in. "what do you mean?" he asks in a whisper.

Zaelara says, "My grandaddy gave it to me. He taught me the best drinkin' techniques." she says, as she drains the glass in who knows how many gulps. One second the mugs full, then its empty."
Mykhal says, "its interesting."
Mykhal fills glass and gets it down in two gulps.

Mykhal hiccups.
Mykhal says, "lets jus' keep going…"
"You're screwed," Lina responds, "but good luck."
Zaelara says, "That's right. Touch it and I'll rip your arm out of its socket. she drains another glass, barely seeming phased."

Mykhal fills cup and drains it in two gulps. "would you permit me tooooo…. uh….. measure it only?"
Mykhal hiccups once more.
Realilina feels the, "ITS A TRAP" cat is appropriate here.
Zaelara grins wickedly. "Of course you could, sugah." She slams the mug down hard after draining it once again.

Mykhal says, "there is noooo… uhhh… need toooooo be defeennsiffffe over the mug… I jus' think the size is interssssting.."
Zaelara leans forward over the table. "No, go ahead. Its fiiiine."
Mykhal fills his glass and drains it in 2 gulps. "thisss isss reallly guud…"
Mykhal registars what Zae is saying… "perhaps when im not fhit shaced

Zaelara says, "crap. 'pprentices aren't sposed to drink."
Mykhal hiccups "you… you know… you know what i leiks abou' teh harrrper halll? i… i…
Zaelara says, "brb, gotta eat, pretend zae just keeps chuggin'."
Mykhal wibble wabbles with a half full glass…"i… love you guys!!1 "

Zilurana runs in from the ballroom.
Realilina is still laughing. Can't… breathe…!!!
Zilurana dances in through the door, in the process she bangs into the doorpost. o.O
Mykhal says, "i… i…. ohhhhhh heeeeeeeeeey Zil! i… i… /love/ you…"

Mykhal drains cup noticing that Zae isnt stopping.
Zilurana eyes Mykhal, "That's nice?"
Mykhal wibble wabbles some more while trying to refill his glass. "Zae is /sooooooooo/ nice! we're playing a game!"
Zilurana sips her spiked punch. Sips are the key to drinking almost anyone under the table. ;)

Mykhal drains half the glass and pauses. "this is a /niccce place/!
Zilurana stage whispers to Lina, "Who's winning?" arches eyebrow.
Realilina plays along, stage whispering back, "Zae isn't tipsy yet."
Mykhal drains the last half of the glass. "I…. i… /liek/ it…here."

Realilina stares at Mykhal. "Liek? As in… liek mudkips?"
Mykhal obliviously refills his glass, spilling a little bit here and there.
Zilurana laughs, "Thought so, I'll have to find Rathor later and get him to pay up."
Mykhal says, "what is leik mudkips?"

Zilurana eyes Mykhal, "Leak, and you get to clean it up," ick, Mykhal leak. O.o
Mykhal drains half the cup. "did i win yet? i… i.. i think i might get drunk soonz…"
Mykhal bealches. "where's th' bathin' room? I… i.. need to stand…
Mykhal looks like he is concentrating as he stands up. "i'll be bachk…Zae… I need to go take care of somethin'…

Mykhal walks to the Main Hall.
Realilina stares after Mykhal. "Is he gone?"
Zilurana laughs hard enough to fall off her perch on one of the benches, "I think so."
Realilina snickers, "Girl party!"

Zilurana says, "And I didn't spill my punch. XD"
Realilina whistles in appreciation, "Got talent."
Zilurana nods, "Yep, and someone really needs to teach Mykhal about loose clothing for smuggling things in with. His alternative, one word… Eww."

Realilina snickers, nodding.
Zilurana ponders, "How long do you think it will take to clean this mess up?" not that she wants to stop the party, just doesn't want to get caught is all.
"Not long, unless we all end up like that," Reali responds, indicating the direction Myk went.

Zaelara slams her chuggin mug down and looks in the spot mykhal used to be. "Did i win yet?"
Zilurana snickers, "Sipping, sipping is key to not getting stumbling drunk."
Mykhal walks in from the ballroom.
Zilurana laughs.

Mykhal stumbles back to his seat. "ya know… ya know waht?
Realilina pats Zaelara on the back, "Yes, dear. You wo— oh, he's back."
Zilurana says, "I think so, Zae."
Zilurana blinks, "Oh, maybe not."

Zaelara grins. "Yes, sugah?"
Mykhal drains his glass and refills. "they.. moved the male dorms… i couldn;t find a… a… spot to go… and and… theres this plant, see? in… somewhere… and i couldnt hold it!
Mykhal begins to cry. "master kurt wouldnt kick me outta da harper hall for having to /go/, would he?!?

Mykhal says, "lina? he wouldnt, would he?"
Zae's smile fades a little "what do you mean by 'go', dear?"
Mykhal drains his glass and refills it sloppily.
Realilina gently takes the glass away from Mykhal, with a smile, "I think you've had enough."

Zilurana eyes, and listens.
Mykhal looks at zae… you know… /goooo/…
Zilurana hrms and picks up a mug and fills it with wine, then sits across from Zae, "My turn."
Zaelara says, "Go? that leaves me with three options." "

Mykhal says, "taking care of business… you know?"
Realilina visibly pales. "If anyone asks, I had nothing to do with this."
Zaelara stands on the table and cheers: "I. Win." She turns to Zil. "Mebbe later. I've got to wind down a bit."
Zilurana snerks as she chugs her mug of wine, then refills it. She should be good for, what? six, maybe seven mug fulls?

Zilurana nods, "Sure thing."
Mykhal gives a dizzyish this isnt over yet look. "i only jus' peeed… is still… on.
Zilurana and she's back to her punch which she sips at carefully.
Realilina is the oldest here, and should be more responsible, but… "It's on, Zil!"
Zaelara visibly relaxes. "That's better than I thought.

Zilurana snerks, "I think Master Kurt would have had some words for you, at least."
Mykhal drains his glass in 3 gulps.
Realilina removes the glass from Mykhal's wobbly hands, "My turn. Right, Zil?"
Zilurana grins and refills her mug, "Yep, Lina's turn."
Mykhal looks sloppily around. "you guys….. are terrific! awww… i was drinking that!"

Mykhal sets his head down to pout.
Zaelara should take the glass from mykhal, but wants to see if he'll go so far as to hit on Lina before passing out. "Ugh! Lina! you've spoiled my fun!" Zae hands the glass back to Mykhal.
Mykhal says, "snnnnnnnggggggggggggghtt….. snnnnnnnnnngggggggggghhhhttttt"

Zaelara says, "Does that mean he's asleep?""
Realilina eyes Zae, "Fine, but then I'm taking your glass."
Mykhal says, "snnnnnnnnnnnggghttt… snnnnnnnnnggggggggttt… sssssssnnnnnnggggghttt…"
Zilurana shrugs, "It's possible."

Zilurana says, "Of course he could also have hiccups."
Mykhal mumbles "butt harpers… smuggle… money? snnnnnnggggggggtttt…. snnnnnggggggghttttt
Zaelara toothlatches onto lina's arm. "mmrfffh. Giffe Ih Bahch."
Zaelara looks at Mykhal. "Remind me never to borrow money from him."

Zilurana snerkles and is just waiting for someone to do something. In the meantime, a happy sip of her punch is taken. Headshake is given as she turns her head to look at Mykhal, "Smuggle, what?" Okay, she's lost.
Mykhal makes a grumpy face as he begins to drool. "gwah? merfrum… ggriffl… no… i didn bribe him to do it master… i don know why that benden… wine is… his butt…

Alesa walks confidently and quietly in in from the ballroom.
Realilina meeps and tries to get Zae off her arm by shaking it like crazy.
Zilurana grins and stage whispers to Alesa, "It's half IC, half OOC party. ;)"
Zaelara is getting annoyed. she pulls out a dirty sock and gags mykhal. "That's better. Now lina, where's my chuggi—" She freezes at the sight of Alesa.

Mykhal starts to choke…
Zilurana eyes Zae, then follows her line of sight, oops. Alesa, are they busted?
Mykhal starts vomitting, but there appears to be a sock chocking/gagging him!
Zilurana chugs her punch and smoothes her skirts. The gag is quickly removed from Mykhal, and a waste bin slipped deftly at his feet, "There ya go, Mykhal."

Realilina buhlinks and tries to act like she's being responsible, "Give me that, Zaelara! What are you guys doing? I walk in here and—"
Mykhal hurls violently into the waste bin.
Mykhal starts to come around a little…
Zaelara officially loses her cool. "IT WAS ALL LINA'S FAULT!!"
Zilurana buhlinks and just sits where she is, "Punch?" is directed towards Alesa.

Zaelara grabs mykhal by the arms and props him up in a chair, in an effort to make things look normal.
Mykhal weakly looks around… "whats… goin' on? my mouth tastes awefull… *GRBRULF!* uhhhhh….why… are you screaming? *GRBRULF!!*"
Zaelara hands him a glass of water. "I drank you under the table, try and look normal." she whispers.
Mykhal huhs? in Zae's direction.

Mykhal drinks water just to vom again.
Zaelara arm jerks in alesa's direction, and moves out of the way of the spew.
Zilurana does her best to just look innocent. Nothing to see here, really.
Mykhal weakly starts to talk… "uhhh… i feel like i was taken between, and my brain left there…

Realilina tries to look like she just walked in and has no clue what's going on here.
Zaelara says, "Yeah, that's gonna happen." Zae stands in front of mykhal with a goofy grin, trying to hide him. She straightens her toga.
Mykhal gets a /little/ close to zae. "if my head didnt hurt… i would say we should sinnnnnng a song…"
Mykhal says, "i still don' know wha's going on."

Zaelara says, "get back, luvver boy, and shut up or i'll gag you again." she mutters at him, and resumes the concealing position.
Mykhal says, "luvverboy? im jus' sayin' friendly like… harpersss are not allowed to date… *GRFRL!*"
Alesa walks confidently and quietly in to the Main Hall.
Realilina blinks.

Zilurana blinks and thinks Alesa was not up for our insanity. o.O
Realilina laughs!
Mykhal says, "was.. was.. a master here…? is master kurt here tokick me out? i didn' mean to pee in his plants in the Harper's lounge…"
Zilurana cheers her wine wasn't discovered, the quickle flask is removed from its hiding place, added to some punch and secreted
back away.

Zaelara says, "No. and stop horking on my toga. just. be quiet."
Mykhal horks at Zae's suggestion.
Mykhal does not mean too. :(
Zilurana mehs and scootches away from Mykhal, "Wow, you better slow down. You might wind up dead or something."

Mykhal says, "too much wine and beers. tis a bad thing sometimes."
Mykhal's spew ends up all over zae's pretty toga. Sheloses it. "OKAY, THAT'S IT! I DON'T CARE IF YOU'RE DRUNK OR NOT!" Oh dear, she's brought fists into the equation.
Zilurana takes a quick glance round and then downs her punch. The flask with the quickle is brought out and a gulp is taken directly from it. Better.
Zaelara grins. Zae is aggressive.

Mykhal blaaaraphs all over himself.
Mykhal does not recall eating /that/ earlier.
Zilurana stands and goes to stand next to Lina, "I think I'm safer here." O.o
Realilina shrugs and takes Zaelara's glass again. "We still on, Zil?"
Zilurana says, "Sure."

Zilurana says, "Sure."
Zilurana says, "Quickle, or wine?"
Zilurana waggles the flask. It's mostly full.
Mykhal says, "is there no end to teh zaininess of the roudy harper apprentices? course not! :D"

"Whatever," Lina responds with a grin.
Disgusting, but not going to stop zae. she grabs him by the toga and holds him of the ground, looking like she's tempted to toss him across the room.
Zilurana nods, "Quickle then. I can drink that stuff all night."
Mykhal blarphs while in the air

Valdi glides in from the ballroom.
Wine on the other hand will have Zil out cold in under an hour.
Mykhal says, "uhhhhh ohhhhh…. Zae… I dont feel sooo… *BLARPHHH!!!*… uhhh… good…"
Realilina snickers. "You're probably going to win, then. Fill 'er up?" she asks, offering an empty glass.
Zaelara sets down mykhal with an ew. and whispers to lina: Go for the wine! I bet she's a liteweight with wine!

Realilina glances over to Zae. Hmm, tempting.
Mykhal finally clears his stomach out and starts the painful dry heaves.
Realilina presses Mykhal's "off" button.
Zilurana laughs, "Probably," and fills up the glass with the quickle. Not to worry, a second, third, and fourth flask are secreted under her skirts. Tucked safely away for future use.

Zilurana sticks her tongue out at Zae and blows a raspberry at her fellow apprentice.
Mykhal goes into sleep mode. to exit, just move the mouse or hit any button to continue.
Zaelara stuffs the now off mykhal in a closet. Yay! "He's gone now! gal party!"
Realilina fixed Mykhal!
Mykhal is now loading.
Zilurana cheers!

Mykhal looks down. OHE NOES!!! HES BEEN FIXED!
Zilurana looks at Lina, downs her mug of quickle, and refills it.
Zaelara holds up what remains of Mykhal's dignity with some tongs. "Hah! I win!"
Mykhal now resigns himself to forever sing sophrano in the Harper Hall choir
Realilina downs her own mug, raising an eyebrow.

Realilina says, "Got something against sopranos, Harperboy?"
Zaelara considers dumping his dignity in the punch, or a nearby plant, making it a treasure hunt!
Mykhal says, "nope."
Zilurana refills the now empty Lina mug, "That's one, how many you think you can handle?" a grin is spread over the girl's face.
Mykhal yays! treasure hunt! no wait amoment…

Zilurana XD
Realilina shrugs, "I've still got some ways to go. Another, please?" She holds out the glass.
Zilurana grins and points at the full glass in front of Lina, "You didn't even notice?"
Zilurana nodnods, "Yep, very nice to know these things it is."

Realilina turns bright red, "Maybe less of a ways to go than I thought. Damn punch."
Zaelara says, "okie. Mykhal, count to twenty and I'll go hide your dignity"
Zilurana laughs and downs her second mug, "Maybe you shoulda gone with the wine?"
Zaelara strides energetically in from the ballroom.

Zaelara says, "Okay, go look for it now!"
Realilina oohs! Can I help?!
Zaelara says, "No. you can help me find a better hiding spot though."
Zilurana grins, and sits back.

Mykhal says, "hold up a moment."
Mykhal says, "i have something for Zaelara :D"
Zaelara says, "if its your dignity, I already hid it."
Realilina nods, "Let's go! I'll be back, Zil." She glugs the glass in front of her.

Mykhal drops Mykhal's Manhood Mug.

Mykhal's Manhood Mug
A hand carved mug made by Mykhal to celebrate Zaelara's drinking victory at the Apprentice Toga Party on RL6-5-08. It holds the equivilent of 2 and a half pints, or a little above 55 ounces. It is made of Tillek wood and shows an image of Zaelara standing Captain Morgen style over Mykhal's passed out body.

Zaelara picks up Mykhal's Manhood Mug.
Mykhal says, "I gotta set it to you as owner. I hope you like the desc on it."
Zaelara says, "Squee!! you'm the nicest person ever! Lina, put this in the logs, the desc. "
Realilina did.
Zaelara says, "Now help me."

Realilina nods. Roger roger!
Zilurana goes back to sipping at the glass of punch.
Zaelara strides energetically in from the ballroom.
Zaelara says, "Okie, go look now."

Zilurana grins and waves enthusiasticly at Zae, "Having fun?" ;)
Zaelara says, "yes. wanna watch mykhal struggle to find his manhood?"
Zilurana says, "Sure, should be amusing."
Zaelara prods mykhal. go look. DO IT.

Mykhal walks to the Main Hall.

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