A Surprise for Veldara

Main Hall and Ballroom
The ballroom's vast space is simply and tastefully decorated, combining images and materials from many parts of Pern. Opposite the main entrance, a broad balcony is supported by pillars of the finest northern marble; polished to glassy smoothness, they contrast the toning blues of the walls. A staircase of the same stone rises in sturdy flights to the upper level. The high vaulted ceiling with its round wrought-iron window is white, brightening the room, while the varnished floor is the deep red-brown of a Lemos hardwood. High on the west wall, a large 'mural' shows a map of Pern framed by images of harper life and symbols of the Craft, while the bright 'tapestry' opposite offers an informal scene. Glowbaskets rest on marble stands of different heights, turned to give both direct and reflected light, while carved stone benches along the walls provide places to sit for those attending functions, or simply wishing to rest. For everyday use, rush matting protects the most frequented parts of the polished floor.
Watching from a bit of artistically carved lintel is Hippolyta.
You see Leyte, Pandora's Box, Shadowy Egg, Rose Bud Egg, Shimmering Sea Egg , Chocolate Truffle Egg, Hidden Egg, Nut Brown Egg, Rocky Egg, Summer Sky Egg, and Dappled Grey Egg here.
Zaelara and Ylisa are here.
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Tanis pokes her head into the large room, as if trying to hide in the Great Hall. It takes a moment before finally she steps into the room and looks around. Her lips are pressed together and she wrings she hands, but even in the Istan heat of winter, the thick winter jacket does not come off. "Ok, you can do this..you can find the writing supplies…" Mutter, reassure herself..

Zaelara is bustling about the ballroom setting up eggs, and carefully placing bowls of meat around. She looks up when Tanis comes in. Raising an eyebrow at the the thick winter jacket shes wearing in the istan sun, "Um, Can I help you?

Tanis takes a deep breath but looks even more nervous than other. "I…I've…" Cough, cough. "I need writing supplies. I promised a story for my friend back in 'Reaches." Yup, that's it, just a story. It is only after slowly moving towards the girl, and putting her shoe in a bowl of meat, does she notice anything about meat and eggs. "Um…are you recreating a hatching here or?"

Rara, who was helping Zae set up looks up and grins. "We're trying to get Master Vel to impress a firelizard." She repositions an egg slightly. "She hates 'em you know." She moves the bowl of meat out from under tanis's foot.

Zaelara walks out and starts shouting to some other apprentices and drudges to bring various things. She walks back in. "Wow, All the way from High Reaches. Well, writing supplies would probably be found in the archive vault. This hatching is a free for all too, if you'd like to join in."

"I'm sorry." Now Tanis frowns and looks around. "Well, I don't know…where the archive would be. I've only been here once before and I can't remember when that was." Probably too young to remember. She carefully steps backwards so that the two can finish setting up the eggs. "Why would anyone hate 'lizards? They are so useful." Except for the first couple of sevendays when all they want is food and sleep.

Zaelara is carrying an enormous bowl of meat. "When two firelizards attack her." At the word 'firelizard' the culprits, Brennil and Sipak suddenly appear and start diving for the meat. She quickly shoos them away, and after awhile they disappear again. Zae finally decides where to place the bowl. "Hrm. I wonder where Lina is? She said she was going to be here with vel soon…"

Rara looks up from what she was doing. "Archive vault is out the door and to your left."

Tanis winces at the comment about attacking firelizards, but gives a nod to Rara as a thank you and makes her way towards the archive vault via the directions. "Out the door and to the left…out the door and to the left…ah, found it!" Yup, it is found and the probably sweating reachian goes inside.

Sara enters the room, a pile of papers in her hands. She has not been here long enough to really understand the plot to get Veldara a firelizard. She's humming lightly and looks like she might just keep going if something doesn't distract her.

Zaelara is continuing to shout at drudges and other apprentices. She turns around to make sure that everything is in order when she sees Sara about to walk straight into some of the eggs. She pauses a moment trying to remember the name. "Hey! Sara!"

Sara jumps, still not use to unfamiliar voices calling her name. She stops and looks around her eyes managing to catch on what she had just about to walk upon. "Oh no!" She steps back, "Did I hurt any?…" A pause as she looks around slightly confused, "What is going on?"

El'wyn settles, quietly, in a corner, waiting, waiting. The toe of his boot is dug with intense calm into the ballroom floor. Such a huge place. So many people. One might even say it's a nervous twitch. Or something of the like. "Wonder where Tanis went." He mutters to himself - to his chest, to be more precise.

Luella says, "I heard… that there was going to be a large amount of hatching fire-lizard eggs…"

Rara bustles over in her usual grumpy mood. "You didn't break any, but be careful next time!" Zaelara suddenly inervenes, making sure her friend doesn't bite poor sara's head off. "We're trying to get Vel to impress a firelizard. She hates 'em you know.

Rara turns to Luella. "This's the place." she says gruffly.

Luella raises an eyebrow. "How can you hate fire-lizards? They're so… adorable."

Sara raises an eyebrow at Rara, but says nothing to her. "Thats a wonderful idea! Do you think she'll be more prone to forgive you if she impresses?" Slightly tilted head ask she asks and a smile.

El'wyn glances up at that. "I could get Zules to convince her?" He offers with a mischevous smile. "She can be very charming, you know." Uh huh. He's just asking for trouble - Zules is likely to scare the wits out of this Veldara. She'd swear off anything with wings for the rest of her nautral days. But El'wyn isn't going to admit that. Nope.

Zaelara "That's what we're hoping." She turns to Luella. "When two firelizards attack her." For the second time today, Sipak and brennil appear on cue, and start swooping and sqwuaking. Zae shoos off her ill behaved beasts who go sit on a mantle someplace.

Luella looks up at the two firelizards admiringly.

Zaelara grins. "You could impress one here, you know."

Tanis slowly backs out of the archives and back into the room. "Ok, this will cost me…" Long sigh as she settles down in the nearest chair and goes over the styluses, ink, and pots she gathered. "Everything I have." A long shake of her head, before she takes out her marks bag from a pocket in her jacket and begins counting. "One half…two halves…"

Luella smiles. "I can only hope that I'll Impress."

Sara blinks. "Me?" She turns and looks at the eggs then up at Zaelra's firelizards. "They are very pretty… but I don't know the first thing about caring for them. What if I hurt one?"

Zaelara chuckles. "They're pretty resilient creatures. Simple too. Basically, all you need to do is feed 'em." She pokes her head out the door, expecting Lina to be here with Vel by now.

"But the most important point is to make sure that Master Veldara gets one?" Sara raises an eyebrow.

Rara nods. With nothing left to do, she simply leans agains a section of the wall, idly rubbing her scar.

Sara bites her lip and looks at the eggs one more time, before looking around the room. There are people here she does not know. Take the girl that said she wanted to impress. This seems like a rather good time to introduce herself… "What colour do you want?"

Luella had been looking around anxiously at all the strange people, and jumped slightly when the girl spoke to her. "Ah. I was sort of hoping for a green firelizard… but I'd be thankful if I'd impress at all." She laughs a little.

Luella says, "What about you? Do you have a favorite firelizard color?"

Tanis finishes counting her marks for probably the fourth time, before putting them away. Carefully everything is gathered up and a look around reveals all of the harpers busy. Drat. El'wyn is noticed on the other side of the room and so she gets up to go sit next to him. "Sorry, looks like we walked into a party…of sorts. I don't know how long it will be before I can pay for these supplies and we can go home." Still she hasn't taken off her winter jacket, but beads of sweat are appearing on her forehead.

Sara shakes her head. "I never really thought about it, I'm Sara."

"Could be hours." El'wyn says with a sideways grin. "Eh..you might want to take off your jacket. Pretty hot in here." He eyes the sweat beading her forehead. That - can't be good.

Luella gives a small smile. "I hadn't really thought about it, either. I'm Luella."

"Have you been here long?" Sara hasn't, so she isn't sure who is new… and who isn't. O

Tanis shrugs and sets all the stuff in her arms onto the floor, before pulling off her jacket and draping it over the back of the chair. "I wasn't expecting to be here hours. I thought I could just run in, get these, and leave again. I don't want to keep you from sweeps or anything." A sorry smile and then a look towards the eggs. "I didn't expect to run into a huge collection of eggs, not that I want another. Two are quite enough to handle as it is."

El'wyn grins wryly. "Sweeps? Me? I don't do those." Except when he gets nagged and doesn't have a handy excuse - like, say, helping a member of the Weyr get writing supplies. "Oh, I wouldn't worry. They don't badger us old codgers as much as they do the youngins. Besides, the weyrlings need to do sweeps so they know what they're doing. Zules and I are old." Yeah. Really, really old. He ruffles his dark hair a bit, looking about. "Oh, those. Zules asked me about 'em. Dunno why she's interested. "

Zaelara is getting really worried now, seeing as Lina should be here by now. She constantly checks the hallway outside, and paces.

Rara continues to veg. Still idly rubbing her scar and staring of into space

"Its okay, she'll be here." Sara says, in a small attempt to calm Zaelara down.

Tanis raises an eyebrow. "You don't do sweeps anymore? I thought everyone was on sweeps with these freak falls." She shakes her head and sighs. "But what do I know, I'm just a common weyrfolk girl. Ask me anything about cheese and I can answer it, but all the stuff you guys go through baffles me sometimes." Like the flight his green had the other day, mainly because she only sees the outcome of it at times. "Interested in the eggs? Why would she be interested in eggs that are so small?" Nope, she knows nothing of dragon minds.

El'wyn chuckles. "We all do, then, yes. I'm just teasing you." He shrugs laconically. "Yeah, she's interested. Dragons actually like firelizards - most of the time. 'S probably why she's interested."

Sara leans against the wall, the papers in her had completly forgotten. Eventuly something interesting would happen.

Tanis is about to say something when El'wyn just gets up and leaves, muttering something about Zule under his breath. "Ok…I'll be there soon I hope!" She calls after him and settles back into her seat. Harper…harper…where are all the dang harpers so she can buy her supplies and get out of here before Zule tries to bite her hand again.

Khanyl wonders out of the Archive Vault, a box with his supplies in it. Naturally, Kh'et is not here. He's not going to be here for a long time. He's Visiting, you know. "Hey Tanis, what're ya doin' here?" The Assisant Headman looks mightly confused. Don't mind him.

Realilina rushes down the stairs. And almost trips and takes a tumble. Just like old times! Skipping, tripping, and falling. AWESOME! Or not. No casualties of war today, people! Well, not right now, anyhow…

Tanis is startled at Khanyl's voice and almost knocks over an inkpot next to her chair. "Khanyl! Shells, I thought you were still back at the weyr? When did you get here?" More importantly, why didn't she see him in the archives? "I…I broke one of my styluses and inkpots earlier when I went to start writing. So I convinced El'wyn to bring me here to buy some more. I think I have enough marks."

Erikkhan looks into the ballroom to check out all the noise. So much for heading to bed early. His eyes flit around the room, looking for someone familiar to attatch himself to. On his way through the crowd he spots Realilina and sidles up to her. "What's going on in here?"

Kiano just seems to be wandering various places of Ista at the moment. Taking a lovely stroll, which for him looks like a stride down the catwalk. He's all about finding people to admire him after all.

Sara blinks as another young lady comes dashing into the room. Was she the Lina that Zaelara was talking about?

Zaelaara also spots Lina. She runs over there and practically tears her arm off. "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!?"

Khanyl grins. "Was down in deep talking with m'Auntie Nherys. In the areas non-harpers aren't supposed ta go." But shhhhhh. Don't tell anyone. "Been here most o'the day, really. Ya do realize that we've stores…." Which he's here updating because he's using so much ink. "If you haven't enough, I'll cover it for ya, I'm sure I've got it." Specially since he gets a discount when he's dealing with his auntie.

Zaelara spots Lina and runs over to her. She practically tears lina's arm off she grabs it so tightly. "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!" She looks about. "Where's Vel??

Peeking out from Realilina's hair, Emi is flippin' out, yo. Her nieces and nephews are hatching! She puffs proudly of course. She's going to be an AUNTIE!! And so is Sparky! Well. Uncle. Whatever. But KIN! KIN, PEOPLE!

Kiano doesn't seem to realize there's no one really paying attention to him at the moment. "So, are we having a party?" is asked with a huge grin, dimples winking out. "I can mix up some fantastic drinks after all."

Sara looks over at Kiano, "I suppose we are, but unless you're gonna get the li'l firelizards to drink… might want to skip 'em." She smiles slightly.

Tanis shakes her head but has a stupid grin on her face in any case. "No, I couldn't ask that of you. I just keep my own set of supplies so that I don't take from you and Shyir who need it for recordkeeping. I only use those when I am making my own records." She pats the seat next to her in case he wants to sit down. "Why don't you have a seat? I'm waiting for a free harper so that I can pay for these and then have El'wyn take me home." The supplies are neatly clustered around her chair so she doesn't drop them in case it gets crazy with those eggs and bowls of meat everywhere.

Erikkhan pokes Realilina this time and grins. "What's the big secret guys? What's going on?" Of course Erikk doesn't know what's going on, he's an introverted Artist. He sighs and pets his little gold, who's kind of skittish and crazy at the moment.

Kiano strikes a bit of a pose for Sara, really he's that full of himself. "Oh?" then he realizes that there is bowls of meat around and blinks. "Oh. Ah! Well that explains it then. Firelizards, hmm never really messed around with trying to impress one before. My parents have a few though."

"We're trying to get Vel to impress a firelizard. 'cause she hates them and all." Zae says to Erik.

"You've had the chance?" Sara sounds slightly incredulous. Maybe if she really knew Kiano was it wouldn't be as surprising.

Kiano says, "Why sure. My mother has a gold, da has this thing for blues though. A nice blue would be god, one to match my eyes." and he blinks them at Sara, just so she can see how blue they are. "Wouldn't want to attract one that would clash though."

Khanyl chuckles, "I'm purchacing for the Weyr, lovie. Not just the Headmen. yer records are for the Weyr, about the Weyr's cheese, I think it's wholly appropriate that I lay out the marks. Anyway, I think he's had to go, El'wyn. If Da ever stops the visiting with his friends here….Oh shards, he'sn't seen Nher yet. I could be here all night and tomorrow too. I was going to offer a ride back on Telynth, provided we ever leave."

Sara is slightly repelled by his arrogance, but she tries to hide it. "I'm sure… would you turn down a nice brown?"

Erikkhan chuckles. "My oh my do you have your hands full. My mother isn't going to like this." Erikk's small chuckle turns into a loud, obnoxious laugh. He takes on an arrogant stance and crosses his arms before he leans on the wall. "I /must/ see how this unfolds."

Tanis raises an eyebrow. "I'm lovie now am I?" Another shake of her head and she crosses her legs for comfort sake. "Well, we'll see if I don't have enough. As for El'wyn, I think he just had to go back to the beach. If you ask me, he would rather I stall so he doesn't have to fly back into the cold." A loud laugh, that in this room, echoes.

Kiano seems to ponder the thought of a brown. Even so much as to pull a piece of his long hair forward "Something about this shade would be alright. Maybe a little.. redder to pick up my highlights." does the fact that Sara is put off by him get thru? Not a bit.

Sara blinks, just once. "I'm sure…" If only she knew someone here well enough to be able to slide away gracefuly.

Zaelara notices poor Sara's predicament, and to help her she shouts, "Hey Sara! We need your help getting Veldara in here!"

Sara glances at Zaelara greatfuly, "I have to go!" A small wave and she's striding over to Zaelara, "/thankyou/. Can I help?"

Kiano's gaze keeps traveling over the various other people here, and the bits of meat in bowls. He kind of glances at Sara when she jets off "Ah, well duty calls then." is said, though not an ounce of his self assurance is gone. The eggs finally get his attention "Hmmm. One that goes good with my outfit…"

Realilina snaps the room to attention with a shout. "THE EGGS ARE HATCHING!"" she yells, taking full use of her training in vocal projection and range. Ow. Yep. Definately soprano. That should make the room quiet. Her tone said, "it better."

Zae turns to sara. "Yeah. Get the people who aren't already organized around the eggs. Those that want one anyway."

Kiano already seems to be looking the eggs over. Occasionally his nose scrunching in thought, until that is Realilina yells. A finger gets stuck in his ear after that, wiggling it around to make sure it still works. "Green is totally out of the question, I've nothin in my wardrobe that will go with green." is noted… to no one and everyone at the same time it would seem.

Sara nods once and scans the room, who… Kiano seemed to be in a good spot around the eggs. That left the non-harpers along the wall. Shyly Sara approches, "Sirs? Do you wish to participate?"

Tatrell quickly gets close to the eggs. Looking over them eagerly.

Kiano points out the Shadowy egg. "That one is perfect. Just look at the shading." he points to his own… shorts that are a nice charcoal color. "A good match I'd say. Hmm, maybe I should go find my tailor…"

Rara walks over to Kiano.

Erikkhan moves himself to a better place in the room. Ahh, a nice perfect view of the eggs, and of the people here. His sets his eyes to looking for his mother. As he'd said before, this would not go very well.

"you realizre the firelizard that comes out might not be that exact color, right?" Rara says to Kiano.

Realilina stares at Kiano. He must be gay. A good one for clothes shopping, though, she notes, storing the information for future use. "Zae, meat?" she says, looking and spotting it herself. "Everyone hurry. Get some food. That's all they want. Go, go, go!" Lina commands in a voice that is far above her rank could possibly dictate. But she know what she's doing… right?

Tanis looks around at the crowd of gathering people. "Oh my, how am I ever to find a harper when all they will be interested in are those firelizard eggs?" Sigh. "Well, if we are stuck here for the night, I hope I can find a cot to sleep in in the hall."
"It might be a good idea to gather round…." Sara hear's Realilina and leaves off her gathering and goes to sit next to the eggs, watching them shake.

Khanyl chuckles. "Aye well….tis an affectation used amongst friends in my Uncle's hold. Though I canna say that I blame him, if it weren't fer the ninety hours of copy work I've still ahead of me, I'd be makin' arrangements fer the night." So he might as well get comfortable while he can, leaning back and scratching at the stubble on his jaw. "I'm thinkin' a' growin' m'beard back. Face's been cold."

Zaelara says, "Lina, look around, there's meat everywhere." Zae says gesturing around. "Relax i got it handled. all we need is for vel to come."

Kiano glances over Rara and arches a brow. "Of course I do. I've seen a few hatched, but it should at least have the same color scheme. I mean that would only make sense." this seems to make sense to him at least. "Weyr bred anyway, I'm playing the odds." ah there's a bit of his inborn arrogance back in force. "Names Kiano, bartending over at the Mug of late." as the mention of meat he looks at the bowls. Hmm.

"It might be a good idea to gather round…." Sara hear's Realilina and leaves off her gathering and goes to sit next to the eggs, watching them shake. The Shimmering Sea egg catches her eye, but she hears Kiano's reply to Rara distantly. She stuffs it for further reference, and focuses on the Shimering Sea Egg.

Rara extends a hand. "Rara, Healer apprentice."

Kiano accepts the hand and gives it a nice firm shake. "Nice to meet you." his dimples wink into view again. "My da's a healer too, not at the Hall or anything though. N'ano." his attention then returns to the eggs, mainly on those that do not clash with his outfit.

Realilina glances at Zae, intially look saying, "You must be nuts." but slowly she breeeaths iiinnnnn and ooooooooout and relaxes a bit. Hopefully. Just in time for the eggs to start breaking open. And yeah. They're out of the pots. Ooops.

Tanis looks over Khanyl's face carefully. "I think I short beard would look good on you, if you keep it correctly." A glance at everyone hovering around the eggs as they shake. "You would think that they have never seen a firelizard hatch. It isn't as exciting as a dragon hatching of course, but still…" Not that she blames them, she has two herself, both quite by accident.

Hidden Egg shatters into a thousand fragments, leaving its occupant out in the open.
Bohemian Rhapsody Hatchling
Crack. Fizzle. /Squawk!/ A 'lizard is hatched! This defiant young hatchling stands proud atop the shattered shards of his former prison, pleased to be out. His high-held head stands erect upon a pair of broad shoulders, his angular facial features guaranteeing him attention and admirers. A muscular body stretches from his head, and graceful wings protrude evenly from his back, trimmed artistically with streaks of silver.

Rara is staring at the rose bid egg. "Ah. A N'ano spawn." she jumps at the cracking of an egg.

Tatrell takes a liking to the hatchling and starts placing meat in its direction.

Erikkhan watches as an Egg shatters. Well, here it goes. Again, Erikk's eyes scan the crowd, nope, no mother yet, but no one familiar either. His gold trills shrilly in his ear and he grimaces. "Really now Nina, Must you?"

Kiano smirks a bit at the recognition of whose spawn he is. "That would be him. The harder thing is guessing who my mother is out of them all." which seems to amuse him to no end. As one of the eggs cracks he gives it a cursory glance, hmming slightly. "Not too bad, in fact he's a right looking fellow." a chunk of meat is drawn from a bowl, one that has as little blood as possible dripping from it.

Tatrell continues to feed the bohemian rhapsody hatchling partly because he likes the look of it and that he just wants to impress a firelizard, not caring which.

Elayna skips down the stairs quickly, almost as though she's looking for someone. She frowns briefly at the crowd before curiousity overcomes her and she heads towards it, her earlier errand apparently forgotten. She soon finds her way over to Erikkhan, ducking around to the far side from his rather loud gold. "Hey, Errik. Eggs hatching?" Stating the obvious, apparently. Her own gold just croons softly, in counterpoint to the louder noises around her.

Erikkhan nods. "yup… And guess who their gonna try to impress a hatchling to?" He grins wickedly and scootches over to give Elayna a better look. His eyes scan the crowd much more and he silently wonders if just being here would put him in the fire with his mum.

Tanis shakes her head at the first hatchling that comes out and people trying desperately to lure it to them. "Khanyl, I'll be right back." She stands and heads around the crowd to try and find a free harper. Finally she comes upon Zaelara at the edge. "Hey, I know you are busy with your plans here, but can I please find out how much I owe you for my supplies?" A wave of her hand over to where she was seated. "Please?"

Bohemian Rhapsody Hatchling sniiiiffffs. Food? Peeps, food!

Khanyl chuckles, "So not a belly warmer, eh? Not a big, full mountain man beard? I could pull it off." He looks wholly unconcerned about the eggs, save for the occassional wince at the squeel, squeek or squawk of some sort or another that catches in his sensitive ears. Bloody genetics. "I don't reckon most've them have seen a dragon hatching, it's gotta be just as excitin' ta them…." He comments off handedly.

Shadowy Egg goes BOOM. Bubbly Optimist Brown Hatchling sways to and fro, light-hearted and freeeee. Frreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee… as if he could just fly away! Oh hey, wings! I BELIEVE I CAN FLLLLYYYYY… An experimental flap of said wings is given and egg goo is flung at those around him. Whoops. Um. Yeah. Gah, what's that weird tingle? Huuungry. Feeeewd.
Bubbly Optimist Brown Hatchling
Bright shades of a radiant hue distinctly portray this young hatchling as a cheerful spirit. Clean streaks of an illuminated neon pour down his shoulders and onto his lengthy back, streaming into a pool of an even brighter color. Gleaming eyes colored a stunning cobalt gaze and watch with much curiosity and wonderment — complimented by a wave of happy chirping laughter.

Sara glances at the little one, but does not move to feel him. "Where is Veldara?" She looks at Realilina, who seems to know more about this than everyone else. The chirping of the newone draws her attention, but she pulls away, no, there was a purpose in this hatching!

Elayna eyes Erikkhan for a moment. "Ooh, I think I heard about this. Not your mother?" She looks about the crowd as if to spy if Master Veldara is, indeed, present. But she doesn't seem to be. "Going to try and Impress one yourself?" Eyes search the crowd again before resting once more on Erikk for a moment before taking in the hatchlings.

Kiano has meat out, though he's not waving it enthusiastically. When the egg that he's had his eye on hatches he just stares at the brown that came from it. "Well now. That's just not acceptable. Entirely too bright." he shakes his head eyes moving to the other hatchling. "You're a bit more my style, suave… smooth. Bet you'd enjoy a good vodka on the rocks too."

Tatrell thought he liked the first hatchling, but he definitely likes the second one. No doubt about it. he starts handing plenty of meat to the little brown.

Erikkhan shakes his head. "No, I have five already. I think that's enough." He reaches up and pets Lyonene, his special favorite. "I can't believe they think they're ginna get away with this. Veldara's ginna have a fit."

Sara glances at the little one, but does not move to feel him. "Where is Veldara?" She looks at Realilina, who seems to know more about this than everyone else. The chirping of the newone draws her attention, but she pulls away, no, there was a purpose in this hatching!

Tanis closes her eyes and just turns away from the harper Zaelara, apparently having not been heard over the commotion. She returns to Khanyl and sighs while sitting down, though he gets a grin. "I don't like guys with lots of hair…usually." A small look at the hatchlings that have hatched and she reaches over to pick up a piece of meat that was flung over someone's shoulder. "No wonder someone threw this away, it is not even a full bite for a hatchling!" It's only about the size of her fingertip. "Here!" She laughs as she smears a bit of the blood residue on the back his arm.

Erikkhan shakes his head. "No, I have five already. I think that's enough." He reaches up and pets Lyonene, his special favorite. "I can't believe they think they're ginna get away with this. Veldara's ginna have a fit."

Chocolate Truffle Egg shatters into a thousand fragments, leaving its occupant out in the open.
Turned-About Brown Hatchling
Glad to be freed from the solitary confines of the shell, this little one struts proudly away, stomping on a few gooey shards for good measure. The puffed-up hatchling swaggers pompously about a moment, before realizing he is heading in the /wrong/ direction. With an I-meant-to-do-that toss of the the head, his red-tinged eyes focus more clearly ahead as he little one turns about, moving towards the food.

Dappled Grey Egg shatters into a thousand fragments, leaving its occupant out in the open.
Cave Lion Blue Hatchling
Largest of the large, this young hatchling is; red, whirling eyes like ancient fires survey the crowd, searching for one who is worthy. Unfurling wings like giant sails, the young hatchling leaps with haunting ease from the nest, his russet-touched body shimmering. Quickly, upon huge paws, he stalks among the crowd, his blunt, thick muzzle questing. Headknobs like a feline's ears seem to twitch, long, graceful tail swings slowly, reddened spade tip flicking hyptnotically. A wild, harsh bugle rips from his throat, resonating across time.

Realilina gives frustrated cry. "Where's Veldara?!" she demands. "Hurry! Hurry!!"

Rara looks interestedly and the recently hatched blue hatchling and starts placing good sized pieces of meat in front of him.

Khanyl chuckles. "Oh really then? S'ya like me then?" There's a bit of a sly look on the Artist-turned-Assistant-Headman's face. "Uh….gee Tani, thanks ever so much. Tis always been m'dream ta be coated in raw and bloody meat. Good thing this tunic needs a wash…." Not that it'll ever fully get the stain out by the time that they get back to the 'Reaches Weyr anyway.

Sara blinks as several eggs hatch at once. As much as she wants to feed the little ones, she trys to stay focused. At Realilina's cry she stands up, "Should I go get her?"

Kiano just stares at the head toss of the brown hatchling. "You. You will do." the meat is held again. "Look, I know it's not the best. But I'll have the cook find something better for later." though he does glance back towards the first hatchling again, the one whose color he isn't quite sure of. "Though… you both are rather wonderful looking. Hmmm."

Veldara walks down the curving staircase from the balcony hallway.

Elayna gives a soft laugh. "You might be safe from her wrath in that case. At least she can't tell you off for Impressing another, in that case." Elindor stops with the crooning long enough to tug at Elayna's hair. Aw. "Any idea if she's going to be heading this way any time soon?" She looks about to see if there's any spare meat lying about, though stays where she's standing for the moment.

Tatrell continues placing food in fron of of the first brown hatchling, but doesn't appear to be having any luck.

At that cry from Realilina, a door on the landing opens. A few seconds later, Veldara begins to descend the staircase. She sweeps into the Ballroom with an expression of rage on her face, walks up to the back of the crowd, and demands loudly, "Whatever is going on here? And who made that appalling noise?"

Realilina blinks. Appalling? Hey..! Oh… yeah! Hatchling!

Erikkhan hides his gold in his hair and grins at Elayna. "I think she's coming right now." His gaze at once becomes more alert and his leans against the wall once more, eager to see the scene that's layed out before him, explode. "watch, this will be interesting. Don't you think?"

Nut Brown Egg shatters into a thousand fragments, leaving its occupant out in the open.
Pompous Bronze Hatchling
Bursting out of his cramped dwellings, this imperious hatchling peers around at those admiring him. Why wouldn't they, as his brilliant hide radiates as he hauls himself from the remains of the egg. Spreading his wings, he begins to adore himself, swiveling his wedged head towards each wing to confirm their perfection. Stepping out with a confident hop, he creels loudly, mostly to hear his own voice, but to also tell his audience that he has /arrived/.

Tatrell continues to determinedly place food in front of the the first brown.

Tanis laughs out loud and gives a friendly punch on Khanyl's shoulder. "It's come out. Besides, I can scrub it if you want." Ahem! The tiny piece of meat is thrown back into the mix, but she doesn't watch to see if it hits anyone or hatchling. "So, you want to try for one of those flying stomachs? There is food everywhere." Yup, meat bowls everywhere. Yet she pulls out a large bag that got stuffed into her jacket. A couple of meatrolls and somehow she got a small amount of that wherry-cheese smear into her snack bag. Ok, so it was wrapped up in a piece of scrapped hide bag that looks like it was sold by a tunnelsnake.

Realilina glances to and fro. Meat! Somebody! Veldara! What to do?!? This is HER plan, isn't it? Shards!!

Kiano looks rather confused for a moment. Just look at all the arrogance and head tossing going on with these hatchlings. "I knew I'd find the perfect firelizard eventually. I'm sure one of you is going to be it. So lets get down to business. I have this meat, but I'm giong to get something better. Something soaked in alcohol, it will be fabulous."

Sara glances around for a moment, then up at Veldara, "Masterharper! Please help!" It might get the harper closer to the little ones at least. Perhaps she hasn't seen the firelizards yet, just.. heard them?

AS though reading Lina's mind Rara. comes trundling up with an enormous bowl of meat.

Turned-About Brown Hatchling seems to have recovered from his mishap, though he'll never admit there was one in the first place, and chooses only the BEST loyal-drudge-human-thing ever. Hey you! Yeah, you! Kiano! You've been deemed worthy by Turned-About Brown Hatchling. He's YOUR royal-pain-in-the-highness now. Feel special. His eyes flick from the food to his human pet. I think he's saying, "Hand it over." I would, if I were you.

Elayna's Elindor gives a sort of squeek and disappears under the senior apprentice's hair on her own accord. Maybe it was Veldara descending the stairs, or maybe the sound has finally gotten to her. Probably the former. "Interesting is one word for it," she notes in an aside to Erikkhan, "Otherwise I'm not entirely sure this is going to be the best place to be…" But she takes up a spare nearby bowl of meat anyway, offering Elindor a morsel before considering the hatchlings again.

Veldara answers Sara's appeal. "Apprentice? Whatever is the - oh. Firelizards. Hatching." She looks round, frowning deeply and says sharply, "Who brought those in here? It won't do. Realilina, you aren't to try for one: you already have too many. You too Zaelara. Remember the Hall's rules about the number you may have." Veldara's rule, that is.

Kiano doesn't seem suprised that one of the hatchlings chose him. After all… he's himself. As the brown hatchling comes up to him he offers the meat as if it were a gourmet meal. "We'll find you a personal chef. It will be the best." and then he's busy stuff hatchling face with meat, and managing to stay spotless himselef.

Zaelara, who was hiding behind a group of people, expecting an explosion, comes out of her hiding place to investigate.

Kiano calls to Turned-About Brown Hatchling, who flies over and lands on his shoulder.

"I'll do whatever I shardin' please to!" Lina says defiantly, grabbing a piece of meat and holding it out to one of the hatchlings… and throwing the meat Veldara-ward last minute.

Pompous Bronze Hatchling twitches and turns his head to the lady of the hour. YES. Now that! That one over there! Faultless! That one is his. Excellence! Grace! Distinction! Food! What more can a boy ask for? Yes. This one is certainly his. Hey. YOU! Yeah. With a loud, unnecessarily embellished chirp, he puffs up and stands with poise that is only possessed by him. And, of course, Veldara. How do you do, madam? Yes, indeed! I do believe it is time for us to dine. Come forth, then. Where is our maitre d'hotel? Our major-domo? Call him forth and have him fetch a feast worthy of discriminating palates such as our own, Veldara-love.

Erikkhan shrugs. "I think we'll be fine. Mother doesn't poke too much at me anymore. Thank Faranth. Oh, but she does look angry." Erikk doesn't seem to be at all ashamed of the joy he finds in the situation. "I think the ones that are trying to impress might be in more danger." He strokes his gold until she thrums happily.

Rara is placing food in front of the enormous blue hatchling, slightly amused and grinning.

Sara shoves some of her own meat at Veldara for the little hachling and shifts away. Now that Veldara seems to have a little one attached to her… she looks out over the little ones, still not moving to try to claim one for herself.

Kiano settles back a bit from the hatchlings, in the middle of feeding his own. Though it seems he is already trying to figure out if his hair and his new brown's hide clash or not. "Hmm. We'll have to clean you to a shine but I think you've enough red in there to work well. Yes, should work."

Veldara rounds on Realilina. "That's a month's extra duty on the drumheights for you, young wom- oh!" She's been splatted by meat, all over the front of that nice expensive dress she's wearing. Some falls of its own accord; the bits that stick, she brushes from the bodice and skirt. Funnily enough, they're all landing right in the path of that bronze hatchling.

Khanyl shakes his head chuckling. "I'm supposin' that's better than you despisin', me." He doesn't come out and say that he's fond of her himself, no that would be too easy. He makes an odd face, "I dunno, I'd one when I was youngers, but he died. I've been pretty much avoided them since, really…." As Tanis pulls out the food he looks over, more interested in that than the goey, wriggly bits of animal flesh and the goey, wriggly bits of newly hatched firelizards.

Cave Lion Blue Hatchling glances here and there, trying to determine his prey. Hey, that one look nice n' juicy n' tender! RAWRRRRRRRRRRR! Pounce! Wrestle with prey! Anyone with half a mind would feel sorry for Rara's offering of food. It bravely sacrified its life. A moment of silence to mourn the loss of such a valiant food-stuff. Oh hey! Cave Lion Blue Hatchling oopses. Human-pet hurt? No? Good. Looooooooooooooooooove you!

Elayna looks down at the bowl she's holding and ducks her head a bit, smiling slightly. Not that Elayna's been trying for any. Yet. "She really does, doesn't she?" And then she spots the bronze who seems to be paying the Master particular attention. "Now that's interesting."

in an extreme change of character, Rara actually giggles as she carries of her enormous blue, feeding him constantly, continuing to laugh at his antics.

Erikkhan chuckles. "Oh this tops the cake, now she's impressed one…oh look, bronze even." He taps Elayna's shoulder. "Now would probably be a good time to put that bowl of meat to use. Quick, while she's distracted."

Tanis raises an eyebrow and motions with the food she brought. "You hungry?" Hmm, this could be interesting. What can she make him do for some of the food? No, she isn't that mean. So with a grin, she hands him one of the meatrolls. The Crafthead entering gets noticed and she watches the scene unfold on what could've been a screaming fit, but it appears that a bronze has impressed to the woman instead.

Rocky Egg shatters into a thousand fragments, leaving its occupant out in the open.
Loquacious Blue Hatchling
Extricating himself from the clinging remains of his egg, this hatchling peers about, his red-flecked hide puffing out suddenly before he launches into a breathless string of inarticulate babbling. The nonsensical cheeping and squawking continues to bubble forth even as he scrambles towards the food, almost as if he were asking, Hey man, where's the food?

After giving up on the first hatchling, Tatrell starts placing food in front of the new blue hatchling.

Veldara is staring at the bronze hatchling in shock. "No…." Her mouth opens and she slowly bends to scoop him up in one hand, and gather the fallen chunks of meat with the other. She's soon cradling the little creature in her forearm and feeding it. Soon the chunks are gone. She looks round. "I need more meat! He's hungry." She seems oblivious to who else is impressing what.

Sara is going to need to be more agressive if she is going to impress one of these little ones, but the blue seems to be claimed, so she holds back once again, and as Veldara calls for more meat silently grabs another bowl and puts it infront of her.

Elayna laughs at Erikkhan's suggestion, glancing across to where Veldara and the bronze bond over some meat scraps. At the woman's request - or demand - she moves to resupply the woman with her own bowl but the younger harper beats her. With a shrug she turns back to Erikk. "Think this'll change the rules?" And then its back to considering the hatchlings.

Kiano was already self absorbed, now he's got someone to be self absorbed with. Tossing his head, just so, he manages a perfect hair flip. Somehow the little brown he's holding manages a very similar one. Oy. Piece after piece of meat keeps being fed, though occasionally he does glance up at the other hatchlings still wandering about.

Realilina laughs at Veldara's plight and moves back to helping the remaining Impress. "Just hold the food out there! And someone get Veldara settled with her firelizard. Take a whole bowl of meat if you have to. She, of course, needs HELP." A signifigant look is given towards the apprentices around her. Gogogo!

"Maybe. Maybe not. Who could know with her." Erikk grins and starts to head over to where his mother is. "I'll be right back." He soon reaches his destination and stops, grinning like an idiot. "Well Mother, congradulations."

Loquacious Blue Hatchling give an exasperated sigh! This is ridiculous! Gripegripegripegripe… but noone can hope to decipher what EXACTLY this guy is chirruping about. Nor would they want to. He's saying far too much but really isn't saying ANYING. Continuing his babbling, he bobs his head up and down, as if to say, "Well, I think all-in-all, this one would be the best. Then again…" a glace is given elseward. Eh, what the heck. He's HUNGRY! Greetings, Tatrell! Food plz k tnx.

Tatrell scoops up the little hatchling, egg, goo and all, and carries him over to more meat, feeding him, and grinning lopsidedly.

Veldara takes the meat from Sara without a word of thanks, and gets back to feeding her hatchling. She's got a rather dazed expression on her face, and… is that a smile? Elayna's words seem to penetrate, however. "No, the rules for apprentices remain unchanged. One is quite enough. Don't you already have one, Elayna? You should leave." A glare is sent towards Realilina, then she turns on Erikkhan. "The sentiment is appreciated, my dear, but your diction leaves a lot to be desired. The word has a 't' in the middle." A plaintive creeling from the hatchling recalls her to duty, and she turns a sickly sweet smile on it as she resumes feeding.

Elayna ducks her head again, hiding a slight smile as she appears to concentrate on the gold hiding under her hair for a moment. Elindor cheeps somewhat sheepishly. "I'm merely a spectator," she offers back across the room to Veldara, neglecting to correct her on the actual number of firelizards she has. And then Veldara's distracted again, which Elayna takes as a chance to move around the room to be a little further from her.

Kiano looks over towards the woman giving orders to various people. Or at least for the moment that she was. "I knew there was a reason I never wanted to be an apprentice. Rules, regulations everywhere." he shakes his head with a wide grin. "Just wait till you see the Mug. I'll make a drink named after me and you of course. Just as soon as I figure out what to call you."

Erikkhan raises an eyebrow at his mother and shakes his head. "Yah…thanks. I'll remember that next time." His voice is thick with sarcasm as he smirks. "Hope you do well with him. Bronzes are quite uptight and ….snooty. Trust me, I have two."

Khanyl chuckles with a big grin on his face, she's found him out. "I'm twenty one and male, lovie, I'm always hungry. Still growin' ya know." The great irony here, is of course that she's got his attention much with the food much the way that the 'candidates' have the 'hatchlings' attention. But then again, you know what the say, way to a man's heart is through his stomach. It'll at least earn one Khanyl's admiration anyway. Though, to be honest, he's mostly missing the actual goings on in the hatching and the not screaming that has taken place. Rather, he's chewing thoughfully on his meatroll with the occassional backward glance to the Archives.

"Well, I'm sure he will be useful, if he remains with me. I shall have to think of a name." Despite the haughty tone, Veldara is rubbing the little bronze's neck with a fingertip as the pace of his eating slows.

Sara can't help but smile at Master Veldara, then around to the other newly attached firelizards and their people. Even that Kiano looks less… arrogant right now.

Tanis chuckles and pops one of the meatrolls in her mouth herself, no she just bites into it. Ooo, now there's a good idea. A piece of cut fruit is placed into the meatroll before another bite. With all of this juggling of meatrolls and fruit, a bit of the wherry-cheese mixture begins dripping onto the floor in front of her foot. "Just because you are a male and twenty one doesn't make you always hungry. As long as you wait for food to be cooked, and don't try eating my curds before they are set, we'll be fine."

Tanis chuckles and pops one of the meatrolls in her mouth herself, no she just bites into it. Ooo, now there's a good idea. A piece of cut fruit is placed into the meatroll before another bite. With all of this juggling of meatrolls and fruit, a bit of the wherry-cheese mixture begins dripping onto the floor in front of her foot. "Just because you are a male and twenty one doesn't make you always hungry. As long as you wait for food to be cooked, and don't try eating my curds before they are set, we'll be fine." (repose)

Erikkhan grins. "Well, Im happy for you." He walks away to rejoin Elayna. "I give her a sevenday before she's in love with the little critters." He leans against the wall again and smiles.

Kiano's little fellow has finally ate himself to sleep it would seem. Though Kiano isn't quite sure how this is going to work, he keeps trying to rearrange the hatchlings wings to better show off the parts that work best with his hair.

Elayna glances up as Erikkhan rejoins her. "Y'reckon?" She looks over at Veldara for a moment, smiling slightly. "I might concede that. We'll see though, I suppose." She eyes the hatchlings again, taking a bit of meat and contemplating it, then the hatchlings again - all the time keeping an eye on the somewhat distracted Harper Master.

Veldara looks at the perpetrators of this - occurrence. "I shall speak to you all tomorrow," she tells the apprentices. Then she drifts off, totally focused on her new hatchling.

Sara looks slightly sheepish… she wasn't really a part of it though she might be attached fairly easy. Hopefully this helps Zaelara out though…

Khanyl balks, "Does too. Just because I'm not willing to risk life an limb to fill my gut doesn't mean that I won't be willing to put something into it betwixt meals at pretty much any given moment. I'm just wise enough to not distrub the folk that keep me alive." Cause he'd surely die if he had to eat his own cooking. Less man can live on baked tubers alone…..and raw fish. He snitches another meatroll, in the sly sort of way kids in the Weyr trade foods with out other people knowing. It's not popped into his mouth right away though….

Erikkhan nods. :Well, it looks like she's run off. Safe to impress away guys!" Erikk laughs and grins at everyone. The to Elayna he says, "I haven't seen you around much lately."

Bubbly Optimist Brown Hatchling decides that whoever he picks will be just fine and dandy! Eeenie-menee-minee-Bob, llama-llama-duck! HIIII! Bubbly Optimist Brown Hatchling flounces over. I looooooooooooove you fer evar n' evar n' evar, Sara!

Sara is slightly shocked as the little one pops up to her, but the shock is only for a moment before she begins to feed the Bubbly Brown Hatching from a bowl at her feet. For a moment the rest of the world disappears except for the little one.

Elayna grins at Erikk's encouragement of the others now that his mother's gone. "Neither you." She gestures briefly with the meat-laden hand. "What've you been up to lately, anyway?" She glances up the stairs where Veldara has disappeared then looks back to the firelizards.

Rose Bud Egg shatters into a thousand fragments, leaving its occupant out in the open.
Daydreaming Green Hatchling
A daydreamer at heart, this one will probably never know what she is actually doing in life. Every day is approached with a fresh eye… simply because she doesn't remember what happened yesterday. Or even five minutes ago, for that matter. But that doesn't matter, because she's really a sweetheart. She hops out of her shell and looks around, creeling softly for food.

Kiano's eyes move back to the rest of teh hatchlings and eggs now that the one in hand is sleeping. "Look at that. Slow chosers aren't they. Guess they'd have to take their time. Best that way, could end up with someone with no fashion sense.":

Tanis laughs. "Ok." Yum, meatroll fruit combination. Wait, she had another one here…where did it go? A quick search finds it in Khanyl's hand and so she shrugs and picks up a piece of fruit and begins eating. "So, you came all the way to Ista to buy supplies? Personally I think they make the best inks." Drip, drip, drip of the mixture from the bag on her knee. There is a nice puddle starting down there, but it goes unnoticed.

Shimmering Sea Egg shatters into a thousand fragments, leaving its occupant out in the open.
Timid Blue Hatchling
This hatchling's red, panic-stricken eyes dart about as his warm egg-shelter melts down into a goo-flecked circle of shards. A pleading creel issues forth, as he slowly picks himself up, shivering with fear in what's left of his egg. Stepping slowly forward, his every movement seems to cry out, no no! It's too early. However, his hunger swifly takes over, compelling him to move away and out towards the food.

Erikkhan shrugs. "Locked away in the artist workshop as always. Studying, and painting." And longing for someone. " The same as usual. What about you?" He takes a moment to look around again. Ah, happy apprentices. Though he's sure they'll hear about it tommorow.

Kiano just arches a brow at the creeling from the timid one. "Goodness no. Don't do that. Take what you want, don't just sit there and hide." a tsking shake of his head. "You'll never get anyone to notice you that way. You came from such a delightful egg too. Pity."

Sara's little one has eaten so quickly that he has fallen asleep in her arms, and she glares at Kiano. "What a horrible thing to say!" She offers food to the little timid one, but not really in an effort to impress, but to show that he is loved just the same.

Elayna smiles wryly. "Hiding in the Shainmann Rehearsal Hall for the most part," she nods towards the doors on the far side of the room, tossing the bit of meat in her hand to the firelizards - not to any particular one, more just equidistant between the three. "Studying, practicing, trying to get the other apprentices to do as I say for the concert I'm organising…" Also the usual.

Timid Blue Hatchling peeks out again at the big, scary world, squeaking. Everything is so SCCAARRRY and threatening. He cautiously takes a step forward. Another step. That one doesn't look too bad. Timid Blue Hatchling sighs and slowly creeps towards his chosen, giving a tiny, soft creel and looking up at Elayna with little swirling eyes, shaking with fear. M… mm… mom…my? Hungry…

Kiano glances over at Sara's words and shrugs with a wide grin. "What. It's the truth. He needs to hold his head up, flip out those wings. Have a little pride." a rub to the back of the brown's head in his arms.

"It is still a horrid thing to say." Sara turns her attention to her own little brown, feeling sorry for the little one that had attached itself to Kiano. She lets the meat drop from her hands, the little blue seems very attrached to the one called Elayna.

Erikkhan chuckles. "Looks like you have a new friend Elayna. He's cute…" This comment earns Erikk a demanding squawk from his gold. "Now, I never said he was cuter than you Nina." He strokes the gold's neck in an effort to sooth her rumpled feelings.

Khanyl breaks into a grin when Tanis notices that she's minus a meatroll. "You'll make an adict of me ya know, if ya keep feedin' me." What else is she gonna do though? He's always around and always hungery. "Aye well, Da was comin' out here anyway, and he's more likely to buy Ista out of supplies than get what's needed. And I did have some want of personal supplies…..He doesn't get out to Lemos often enough to buy my sketching pads directly from the woodcraft."

Elayna glances over at where the meat fell, eyes softening at the soft creel. Elindor gives an answering one from under Elayna's hair, waiting a few moments before venturing out to her previous place on Elayna's shoulder. "Hey little one," the Senior Apprentice starts with a grin up to Erikk. "Here, have some food…" The meat from the bowl gets offered and, after a moment, taken. And repeat.

Erikkhan continues to pet his egotistical pet and watches Elayna with her new one. "too bad Nina here couldn't have added to the chaos. I would like to see some eggs from her. " Lyonene (Nina) starts thrumming at the mention of eggs and nuzzles Erikk lovingly.

Bohemian Rhapsody Hatchling seems to notice that he hasn't gotten any food. Food, dude!

"Ah, ok. Well that makes sense then." Crunch, crunch, as Tanis finishes her fruit. "I'm sorry, but I didn't bring much food with me. Oh wait, I have a roll." A smallish roll is pulling out of the pocket and she reaches into the bag with the smear, with her fingers since there are no knives around here. "Wait, there is barely anything in here!" A look down reveals to her what happened. "Oh shells…I guess we don't get much of this. Let me turn this bag inside out and get out what's left…" Now a concentrating look on her face as she does just that. She doesn't even notice that in doing so she is flicking the meat bits in the direction of the hatchlings, caused from the yanking motions. "Ah, there we go!" What is left is smeared onto the roll, now broken in half, and one half is given to Khanyl.

Daydreaming Green Hatchling looks around. Hey! Food!

Daydreaming Green Hatchling bobbles over, making her decision. Why she decided on this one will probably never be known. She probably doesn't know anymore. Eh! Who cares? Fooooood, Tanis! FOOD! She's hungry, don't 'cha know?

JAMJAMJAM! Headbannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng! Bohemian Rhapsody Hatchling blinks. He can't rock out alone! Lesee, lesee… Rocker Chick? Rocker Dude? SHWING! Rocker… Khanyl! Hey, that works out just right! Party on! Excellent! That's right, folks. Stay tuned for Bohemian Rhapsody Hatchling and Khanyl's live broadcast from their basement.

Elayna continues feeding the little blue, coaxing him up onto her arm as she does so. "She hasn't had a clutch yet? Elindor has, but she disappeared to a beach somewhere for the duration, I think." Which is somewhat unhelpful, to be sure. The gold chirrups once before going back to her welcoming croon for the blue.

Sara cuddles her brown and begins to clean up some of the mess the little ones had made. She picks up as much as possible without disturbing the little one, then disappears with a smile to Realilina to a place to get rid of it.

Erikkhan smiles. "She's had one clutch. Not so good a turnout though. I would like to try again." Again, nina seems offended, but she makes no noise this time. Erikk pets her extra though, just to sooth her.

Khanyl grins. "I know where we can get more food, while waiting out Da. Granted, it's not made by you and they eat alot more fruit and fish here…." Something draws his gaze downwards. "Oh dear…" He shoves the roll in his mouth and breaks off little bits of the meatroll still in hand for the wee Bohemian Lizzard. Leaning down, he pick up the little guy. "Looks like I've little choice in the matter, er, like we've both little choice in the matter…." There's a little chuckle and a shake of the head.

Realilina sighs and takes a seat on the floor.

Elayna ahs and nods, the blue now grasping her sleeve as she stands, feeding him a little slower now. "I suppose I should wait a little while before introducing you to the others, hmm?" At least Elindor isn't freaking him out at all. She glances back up at Erikkhan before looking over to Realilina and back. "I suppose Veldara will still have something to say about this despite her bronze… Best stick around and make sure all this is tidied up I suppose."

Tanis hears a clatter near her and looks down to find a small green creeling at her. Apparently it is standing it what is left of the wherry smear that fell on the floor. "Oh, hello there!" A piece of her last meatroll is handed down to the green, who takes it greedily, then licks up what is on her feet. Khanyl's comment gets a little laugh. "I know, oh, you impressed a pretty one." She gets up quickly to grab a bowl of meat that is left over, then sits back down. Scooping up the green, she begins feeding her some of the smaller pieces first. "Here, take some this. Where did you want to go?" A glance around reveals the chaos calmed down now. "Faranth, finally. Can a harper please come tell me how much these supplies at my feet are worth? I need to get home soon.." That is assuming El'wyn hasn't left or Khanyl's da is still around.

Erikkhan nods again. "Aye, I'll stay and help too." He looks around and wrinkles his nose at the amount of meat and flizzen everywhere. "Looks like we're gonna have fun." His sarcastic voice contains a little joy, but not much.

Elindor chirrups a little more at the blue who finally responds, if a little warily. Putting down the now empty bowl, Elayna sets the blue on her free shoulder, making sure he's stable before contemplating the mess. "Yes… Fun." Nevermind if its said a little flatly. She's never been a fan of chores when she could be doing something else. Who is?

Oh Khanyl's Da is still about. Kh'et comes into the hall chuckling and shaking his white coated head. Coming on Tanis and Khanyl, the bronzer holds up a finger, "Ten minutes, I swear, just enough to say hullo to Nher so as she doesn'a murder me on hear I've been here all day an' not yet seen her…" Khan rolls his eyes as the elder man heads off, but he calls out, "Oi! Have Auntie add Tanis' order onto mine, if you will, sir?. It's easy to see where the younger man gets his looks from, only Khan's a bit taller than his father. And darker of hair. Not not scarred from twenty odd turns of fighting thread. Khanyl sighs, "He'll be another three hours, by the way. Theres no such thing as a short visit with Auntie Nher.

Tanis rolls her eyes and keeps feeding the green who is getting more and more sleepy. "3 hours? Well, it is pretty obvious my little snack bag won't hold both us that long." Oh look, her forgotten roll half is picked up and popped into her mouth. Carefully she places the green in the crook of her arm, looking curiously at her and probably wondering how the other green at home is going to handle the newcomer. Her supplies are moved next to the wall and her jacket placed over them, since the jacket has her name on it and the Reaches badge. "Well, you best show me where this place is where we can get something to eat." At least the green has wrapped her tail around her arm, as much as possible, and is now going to sleep.

Khanyl chuckles and settles his young bronze in a cupped hand against him, the other hand offering to Tanis as he stands. "Have a name fer her yet?" He glances to the sibling of his little fella, "I think I'll name mine Bresai, after m'grand-da."

Tanis hms and looks down at the green again for a moment. "I think I'll call her Dreamer." A quiet laugh. "That's a good name for him. Hopefully they freak out going back home. Come on, let's at least find some drink."

Khanyl nods, "I like it." There's some more nodding as he starts to head in the direction of the main hold. "I can't imagine that they would any more than a dolphin fears the water…..this way if you please miss…." there's a little chuckle, fingers wriggling around at her, begging for her to wrap her fingers around his. She likes him after all, right? or something like that….

Tanis laughs at the miss part, but is careful not to disturb the green as they head out into the main hold. His fingers wriggled at her, and she takes his hand willingly. She does like him, why wouldn't she? "Well, I just don't want her to disappear and I have to come back here to retrieve her. I just hope they have something good to drink where we are going."

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