OOC Lessons

Here is where information for OOC Lessons will be provided, which includes logs of lessons after they are taught. For more information, page/@send Schmendrick on HT.

Here are some commonly used acronyms (and their definitions) that will be often used during classes and are used typically on channels/OOC

MOO - Multi-User Dungeon Object Oriented, this is just the type of game that we play. The type only determines the code and such.
HT - Harper's Tale, this is the name of the MOO
IC - In Character, this refers to things that are related to the theme/your character. This includes roleplayed scenes (and really that is it) and is the opposite of OOC.
OOC - Out of Character, this refers to things that are unrelated to the theme/your character, this includes channel chatter, paging, using the OOC command, globals (hug, snug, etc), mail
RP - Roleplay, the foundation of the MOO, this is playing out of scenes using poses between two or more characters
PC - Player Character, this is actually more broad term used to mean anything that is played out on the MOO. PC characters (yes, redundant) are characters that actually have players. PC areas are places that have players supporting them (Ista Hold is a PC Hold, Crom Hold is not).
NPC - Non-Player Character, this is a broad term used to mean anything that is not supported by a player. NPC characters are typical ones that people either @emit or puppet but aren't actually players. NPC areas are places that do not have players support them, but still exist in the IC world (Crom Hold is an NPC Hold)
RL - Real Life, this is just referring to that mystical world outside of the MOO :)

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