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An Ista Island native, Alesa was born into a rather large Farmercraft family. Throughout her childhood, she loved nothing better than to sing and play her treasured wooden flute, a gift from her Uncle Limor. An impulsive and emotional nature marked her younger years, but age and experience have tempered her personality into a calm and collected Journeywoman. She specializes in composition, instruments and performance, but woodwinds are her passion. In addition, she adores outdoor activities such as runner riding, swimming, hiking and camping. These activities have served her well, as evidenced by her youthful visage and fit and trim appearance.


A tall and mediumly proportioned frame of about five foot six supports this harper. Long, full flaxen hair frames her oval-shaped face with bangs neatly cut to just about eyebrow level. Ice blue orbs are piercingly inquisitive, but friendly. Skin although supple, is slightly tanned as if she enjoys her time outdoors, but still takes the time to maintain a healthy glow. A few almost unnoticeable signs of age dot her complexion but overall, the appearance is youthful.


Standard Attire: Not one for fashion unless it is a special occasion, Alesa typically wears a standard 'tunic and pants' ensemble. A violet purple tunic with a square cut neck is belted about her waist with a black leather belt sporting a silver buckle. Brown leather pants tightly hug her thighs, behind and calf area. A pair of well-worn brown boots complete this outfit. Her long blonde hair is neatly braided and the braid extends down her back. A leather tie secures her hair, and wispy bangs extend over her forehead, just covering a decorative headband of firelizard print.

Character History



Relation Name Age* Current Status/History
Father Gorel +22 turns Farmercraft Master
Mother Rialsa +24 turns (deceased) Farmercraft Master
Brother Bren +3 turns Farmercraft Journeyman
Brother Lor +2 Turns Minecraft Journeyman-Crom Hold
Self Alesa Born 34 turns before interval Harper Journeyman-Ista Hold
Sister Numa -1 turns Farmercraft Journeyman
Brother Relse -2 turns Smithcraft Journeyman-Ista Weyr
Brother Rilse -2 turns Herdercraft Journeyman-High Reaches
Uncle Limor +25 turns Harper Journeyman- Fort Hold
Uncle F'rel +24 turns Rider- Telgar Weyr

*Age is relative to Alesa's age

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