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Anara is a rather small young lady, coming in at four feet ten inches and one hundred and ten pounds. With her slender body, it's easy to mistake her for someone half her age. She keeps her golden brown hair as long as possible, preferring to braid and pin it back out of her way. As a result of this semi-constant braiding, Anara's hair has a permanent wave to it when she does take it out of the braid. With her pale skin, light spattering of freckles, and hazel eyes it's no wonder she tries to stay out of wearing browns and severe sunlight.


Casual: A simple dark green long sleeved dress, gathered slightly at the waist and designed to flatter and paired with sensible leather shoes. This isn't a dress for a Gather, what with the off color patches sewn into the elbows and fraying hem. But it is a serviceable dress, and that is what matters.
Formal: This is Anara's pride and joy, her most prized possession. This is a white gown with no sleeves, sewn with delicate embroidered flowers and shards of glittering quartz. The skirt is dyed with a fade of dark blues and greens, giving the dress a wispy sea foam look to it. It is worn with her usual shoes, the hems so long the skirt trails on the floor and hide her feet. Once upon a time, this was the dress Anara's mother was married in.

Character History



Relation Name Age* Current Status/History
Father Tomas 34 Turns older Master Miner – Rocky Hold
Mother Myrtle EXAMPLE Journeyman Harper - Deceased
Stepmother Fallora 20 Turns older Minor Holder – Rocky Hold
- Anara Born 3 Turns before Interval Harper Apprentice - Harper Hall
Half Brother Falmas 10 Turns younger -

*Age is relative to Anara's age

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