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Since his arrival at the Ista Hold Harper Hall, Danolan has been both a blessing and a curse to those that have met him. No doubt smart, talented and charismatic, Danolan at times, has been pegged as the thorn in the side of many at both Ista Hold and Ista Weyr. From his arrival at 15 turns, he has gained, at the surprise of many, ranking to a Senior Apprentice, beaten up by traders, declared his love to girls, and gotten, for the first time maybe ever, an admirer (thought, that was quick lived).

After two turns and the guidance in the specialty of Diplomacy and Law, under then resident Journeyman Jhedrik, Danolan was assigned off to many small cotholds in the northern Telgar region during his Senior Apprenticeship, switching to be the mentee of the notorious and OCD Journeyman Schmendrick. After a turn gone, he is back at the hold, headstrong on walking the tables and hopefully, getting some tail. The jury is out on if he’ll succeed on any of these goals.


Shaggy mop-like hair falls with reckless abandon down this young man's head; thick chestnut locks halo a face of strong definition. Time has etched away the chubbiness of youth, leaving behind true masculine features; he sports now, a chiseled jawline, pert lips, and a distinct dimple at his chin. He's built stocky; barrel chest and wide shoulder allay to a powerful, boxers strength, and while he may be short, he has muscle to spare. Thick brows, slanted blue eyes, and a large, rounded nose complete a rough and tumble look. Regardless of any diligence, he sports a constant five o'clock shadow, which grows in blotchy patches across his chin and down his neckline.


Simply dressed, Danolan is clad in a muslin undershirt, tucked haphazardly into a pair of khaki linen trousers. The only true opulence of his outfit, is the over vest he wears, made of a finer cotton fabric dyed a brilliant indigo, punctuated with opposing pinstripes of malachite green. Wrapped around his waist, is an intricately woven leather belt dyed a brilliant Harper blue. Simple work boots complete the outfit.

Character History

Danolan's mother Arali never had luck with getting the location she wanted; her first posting as a Journeywoman Harper was at a small seaside hold on the southern coast of the Igen peninsula. After traveling from one small hold to the next along the border of the northern continent, she jumped at the offer of a placement at Telgar Weyr. She had always been a soft-spoken, obliging young woman, but the constant drone of small holder life fatigued her. She was tired of teaching the same teaching songs to both young and old.

She relocated to Telgar with renewed enthusiasm. The laxity of women's inhibitions at the Weyr allowed her to take on a slew of different lovers. Soon she began bedding frequently with a young bronze rider, barely into adulthood. Da'oan, a long time native to Telgar, found Arali quiet and meek, but the physical attraction they held was passionate and fiery at the very least. Despite what waning interest they had in one another, they always found their way into the other's bed. Months into their coupling, Arali quickly realized she was pregnant, and as she grew larger with child, the pair's sexual relationship fizzled quickly. Da'oan reassured his support to at the very least, have a minimal presence in his child's life. His future rise in rank through Telgar's wings, as Wingsecond and Wingleader, drew his attention away soon after Danolan was born. While to most weyrfolk could understand and forgive such a transgression, the Harper felt slighted, the experience leaving her distrustful of weyrmen and their wanton ways.

After Danolan was born, Arali stayed at the Weyr until he was five turns, when the need to complete her Mastery knots at the Harper Hall called her back. By this time, she was nearing thirty, and her young son was in need of structured teaching. Danolan had acquired all of his fathers striking features and most of his boisterous personality. At the same time, He was quiet and thoughtful, a doting personality that echoed his mother's own. On their return to the Harper Hall, the young boy took well to music, proficient in the drums and piping, and became a sufficient student in his studies. While he had a particular talent in the creation of instruments, he had a deep, low baritone, and took no pleasure in singing.

A "relatively" obedient student, the main vice that caused young Danolan grief was his proclivity for women as he got older and his inability to control his or their desires. Time and time again, he would be caught red-handed and punished for necking down an unoccupied hallway, or ratted out for sneaking into the girl's Dormitories. The straw that broke the runner's back came during his 14th turn, when he was caught elbows deep in the panty drawers of some of the resident Fort holder girls. With the blessing of his mother, and the urging of the Master Harper, he was sent off to the Ista Hold branch of the Crafthall. It was there, it was hoped, that he would straighten out his act and become an obedient and well versed student.


Relation Name Age* Current Status/History
Mother Arali 25 turns older Master Harper of Composition
Father Da'oan 19 turns older Bronze Rider at Telgar Weyr
- Danolan Born 1 Turn before Interval Harper Senior Apprentice - Ista Hold
Sisters Unknown Many Ages Spawn of Da'oan
Brothers Unknown Many Ages Spawn of Da'oan

*Age is relative to Name's age

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