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So Matilda, commonly known as either Matilda or Tildy, hails from Ista Island. Her mum, formerly PC greenrider Rishk, NPC bluerider father, and PC bluerider half sister Lida all reside happily at Ista Weyr, where Tildy herself was brought up until the age of thirteen. Once Lida (formerly Madeline) left the fostered care of her grandparents at Harper Hall, Matilda went to take her place and it all kind of just fit. Thus Matilda became a Junior Harper Apprentice at an early age. Matilda, like her mother, excels at Art. Whether it be abstract, drawing, painting, or simply mixing colors - that is Matilda's passion.

Matilda is a rather odd preteen girl. She's a late bloomer, and still has no interest in boys beyond friendship. She's based loosely off of Luna Lovegood of Harry Potter fame, so generally she talks in a high airy voice, stares into space at random objects, and makes casual observations that tend not to make much sense. In her free time it's likely she'll be experimenting with 'Reachian herbs to attempt to mix a darker shade of blue to paint her sister's dragon. (This was the reason Matilda was "tricked" into being Searched.) Feel free to think she's crazy, but mostly she's just a bit loony.


The first thing one notices about this budding teenager is her eyes. Like her mother, Matilda's eyes are two different colors, one blue, one brown. Mismatched eyes are framed by darker eyelashes and eyebrows, while her hair is a burnt sienna color. Her hair is somewhat long, falling to her mid back, and cut into layers adding thickness. Her bangs are kept out of her face by use of a brightly patterned pink, lime green, and cerulean headband. Matilda's form reflects her beginning transition from child to teenager, with her arms and legs being a bit long, and her form a tad awkward in stance. She is however, still short in stature and is beginning to lose her baby fat around her face and waist.


Casual: Sporting a white short sleeved blouse, Matilda is all about comfort and utility. A small breast pocket, usually holding a trinket or two, is often found smudged from small pits of chalk. A knee length skirt has been fashioned out of scraps of cloth, making it look like a quilt. No color nor outlandish pattern was spared, and the rather shoddy stitching in different colors of thread gives it character. On her feet, Matilda is wearing a dingy pair of dyed pink wherhide sandals.

Bathing Suit: Today, Matilda is sporting a swimsuit. Not just any swimsuit, however, because then the wearer wouldn't be Matilda. The budding teenager is sporting a bikini which may have originally been white. It has since been tie-dyed various colors of the rainbow. Both top and bottoms are mismatching, and accentuate her slightly freckled tan skin. Around her waist she wears a turquoise sarong tied into a knot at her right hip. She wears no shoes at all, but one can see that her toes are painted all completely mismatched colors of paint. On her head she wears a large floppy sunhat, a ribbon of turquoise around its brim.

Formal Dress: Fluffy and pink. Those are the two words that describe Matilda's dress the best. The dress is sleeveless and has a square neckline. The sleeves and the top of the dress are covered with fluffy pale pink flower cutouts, which have been sewn to the garment at their centers. The dress has an empire waistline, bearins a sash of the same iced pink of the rest of the garment. The sash ties in the back in a bow. The bottom of the dress features two tiers of a gauzy matieral, the first hitting right at her upper thigh, and the second just below her knees. The edges of these tiers have the same flower cutouts of the top of the dress, adding shape to the garment. On her feet she wears a pair of hot pink slip on flats with small silver buckles.

High Reaches Garb: Matilda is sporting clothing that is much more appropriate for the High Reaches climate than her previous ensemble. The young teen is sporting a salmon pink sweater with a rounded neck, underneath a tie-dyed tshirt, which shows on the bottom and where the neckline exposes. Her legs are fully covered with a pair of dark brown pants, which are tucked into slightly darker brown boots. If she's venturing outside of the Weyr, she can be found sporting a somewhat large and heavy black coat (presumably one of her Mother's), and a matching set of hot pink knitted mittens, scarf, and hat.

Hand-me-down Candidate Robe: Matilda's candidate robe looks like a bit of a hot white mess, but what is one to do? White cotton cloth falls down a wee bit past her kneecaps, and is sewn rather raggedly at the hem. Sleeveless armholes are shorn with uneven edges, and even ripped at the right side. A small cotton strip of fabric, presumably from her mother's old robe is tied under her bust, holding the coarse and wrinkled cloth sack to her body. Light brown wher-hide sandals adorn her feet, tied with tiny intricate straps around her ankles.

Character History

Matilda comes from a relatively small family based out of Ista Weyr. Her mother, a greenrider named Rishk, is pretty much as eccentric as they come (even for a greenrider). Her father is a slightly feminine bluerider named R'ae. She has one half sister, Lida (formerly Madeline) who is a newly impressed bluerider at the Weyr. Matilda has recently left the weyr to pursue her artistic prowess, and managed to secure a Junior Apprentice knot from Ista Hold's Harper Hall. Once at the Hall, she began exploring all manners of art, and finally has settled on abstract as her method of choice (much like her mother before her). Shortly after her fourteenth turnday, she was asked by her second cousin, Tilla, to stand for High Reaches Weyr's clutch, and after some prodding from Schmendrick, accepted. Matilda, however, made a deal with her mother and sister that should she not impress, she would never be made to stand for any other clutch. They agreed, and Matilda escaped the Hatching Sands unscathed and unpartnered. Having arrived back at the Hall, the young teen was promoted to full Apprentice, and was asked to create a painting for the Harper Office.


Relation Name Age* Current Status/History
Father R'ae 24 Turns older Bluerider
Mother Rishk 22 Turns older Greenrider
Half sister Lida 3 Turns older Formerly Madeline, bluerider at Ista Weyr
- Matilda Born in the 1st Turn of Interval Harper Apprentice - Ista Hold

*Age is relative to Matilda's age

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