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At first glance, Moria is classically beautiful. Her default expression is slightly sad, in a big-eyed way, which sometimes puts people off. Generally she tries to keep herself aloof, though with friends she is warm and sometimes silly. That aloofness is a protective mask which she hasn't perfected, no matter how much she tries. She's a terrible liar, and it's easy to see when she's upset or disconcerted.
Moria is driven by goals, and the inability to achieve her goals frustrates her to no end, occasionally leading her to do really foolish things. And being foolish is something that she's unfortunately done, far too many times.
She's getting over the bad habit of gossiping about people, though sometimes she slips back into her old ways, much to her shame. Staunchly loyal, defense of her friends and/or indignation on their behalf is usually what drives her gossiping, and though she tries not to repeat anything unless she's sure it's true, sometimes an "I heard" slips out.
Moria takes pride in the accomplishments that she's achieved so far - promotion to Senior Apprentice, the progress in learning to play the gitar and, to some extent, other instruments, the songs she's written, and the classes she's taught. But they're not good enough. Her main goal at the moment is to earn her Journeyman's knot, and nothing will totally satisfy her until that's been achieved. In fact, she can really go on and on about it, sometimes to the annoyance of those she speaks with.
Although she is really nice to look on, Moria never learned how to flirt, and is visibly disconcerted when men stare at her or attempt to flirt. She finds it difficult to accept compliments, especially about her looks, and either stammers around a thank you or ignores them altogether. As far as anyone at Harper Hall or Ista Hold and Weyr has seen, Moria has never had a boyfriend, or expressed more than a passing interest in men (and none at all in women).
Moria tends to be overly formal, and finds it hard to loosen up in social situation unless she is familiar with the company. She rarely addresses people by nicknames.


Tall and long-limbed, this woman was born to run. Wherever she goes, she moves with an easy grace and unhurried elegance, though when she wants to be she's extraordinarily fast. Long pale blonde hair is left loose unless she's running, and then it's usually pulled back into a tight braid, emphasizing the high cheekbones and high forehead of her oval face. Blue eyes, the color of snow-shadows, look out onto the world from underneath straight, delicate eyebrows. Her unremarkable nose has a smattering of freckles - the only blemishes on otherwise porcelain skin. Her mouth is small, but prettily shaped and lushly colored, set over a gently rounded chin.


Luckily, Moria lives in Ista, where the weather is almost always nice enough to show off her legs. Pictures of the outfits can be found here: Moria's outfits

White Dress: Moria is dressed in a simple-cut white dress, sleeveless with a V-neck, and large, colorful flowers embroidered on the right shoulder and left skirt-hem. It's loosely fitted to follow and flatter her figure, and falls to her knees. On her feet are simple white sandals with a flat sole. A simple, delicate silver chain around her neck disappears beneath the dress.

Pink Dress: Moria wears a soft pink dress made of light-weight material that falls in tiers to her ankles. Casual but still eminently feminine, the straps going over the shoulders are ruffled, and hundreds of tiny gathers in the bodice add texture. The full skirt drapes in such a way that it seems it would flare out if she spun around. On her feet are simple white sandals with a flat sole. A simple, delicate silver chain around her neck disappears beneath the dress.

Orange Dress: Moria wears a bright orange dress. Sleeveless, the plain shoulder straps support a straight neckline. Small buttons march down the front over the contoured bust to the fitted waist, and then stop for the skirt, which falls to Moria's knees, loose and full. On her feet are simple light brown sandals with a flat sole. A simple, delicate silver chain around her neck disappears beneath the dress.

Yellow Dress: Moria wears a bright yellow dress. Sleeveless, the plain shoulder straps support a straight neckline. The contoured bust and fitted waist are accented nicely with a faux-belt, complete with wooden buckle in the front. The skirt, which falls to Moria's knees, is loose and full, with hidden pockets in the side seams. On her feet are simple white sandals with a flat sole. A simple, delicate silver chain around her neck disappears beneath the dress.

Green Dress: Deceptively simple, this spring-green dress is nonetheless quite pretty. Tiny spaghetti straps curve over the shoulders to support the fitted bodice, which is gathered in hundreds and hundreds of tiny, pretty gathers. The skirt flares out from the waist and falls to her knees, making a delightful bell-shape whenever Moria spins around. On her feet are simple light brown sandals with a flat sole. A simple, delicate silver chain around her neck disappears beneath the dress.

Blue Dress: Plain shoulder straps and a fitted bodice with a full, knee-length skirt make up the bulk of this pretty, sky-blue dress. On the bodice, little pleats run horizontally to a row of tiny round buttons stained the same color as the dress. Pockets are hidden in the side seams of the skirt. On her feet are simple white sandals with a flat sole. A simple, delicate silver chain around her neck disappears beneath the dress.

Purple Dress: Moria wears a pretty purple dress with a gathered bust that's held up by a spaghetti-strap halter top. A high, wide waist band separates the bust from the skirt, which falls nearly to Moria's knees. On her feet are simple light brown sandals with a flat sole. A simple, delicate silver chain around her neck disappears beneath the dress.

Gather Dress: Moria is dressed in a lovely, if simple, floor-length gather-dress. With a straight-cut bodice and simple straps that go over her shoulders, a creamy white blouse billows out just beneath it. The skirt is parted on her left, to reveal folds of beautiful sheer fabric that flash and gleam whenever she walks. Best of all, the skirt flares when she spins, making a lovely bell-shape on the dance floor. On her feet are delicate blue slippers made for dancing. A simple, delicate silver chain around her neck disappears beneath the dress.

Bikini: Modestly cut, the snow-shadow blue boy-shorts of this bikini have two large white decorative buttons on either side, marching down from her hips, and a cute little tie in the front. The matching top is a halter-top with ties around the back of her neck, but is sewn to fit around her torso. For effect, two big buttons like the ones on her shorts appear to hold together the front. On her feet are simple light brown sandals with a flat sole.

Messenger's Running Clothes: Lightweight cloth, snow-shadow blue and loosely cut, this outfit is designed for the comfort of the runner. Made from something that wicks moisture away from the skin, the top is sleeveless, with just enough room in the top for Moria's generous bust, where extra support is built-in. The button-fly trousers are cut short, falling to mid-thigh, and have no pockets. A bright red-orange Messenger's fanny pack clashes hideously. On her feet are specialized running shoes, with good traction meant for the traces. Her hair is braided and pinned high on her head to keep off her neck. A simple, delicate silver chain around her neck disappears beneath the dress.

Character History

Moria was born the fifth child of seven, to a Messenger family in Ruatha territory. Her father and mother run Black Rock Messenger station, one of the many many way-stations along the numerous traces that criss-cross the Northern continent.
When Moria was eighteen she successfully completed the Cross Continent Run, and earned a placement at High Reaches Weyr. High Reaches Weyr was not a good fit for Moria, unfortunately. While she did make some friends, she also foolishly fell in love with a man who did not return her feelings. She gave him her heart, and her body, only to be rejected in the end. The man, Matej, was Searched, and despite her heartbreak, Moria kept a secret — she was pregnant. She lost the baby when she was three months along, and after being rejected one last time, she left the Weyr entirely, taking her secret with her. Matej stayed and eventually became M'tej, rider of brown Temyrth.
Moria decided at that point that a change was in order, and traveled to Harper Hall, where she became an apprentice. To escape her heartbreak and grief, she threw herself into her studies. She's not the most intelligent apprentice, not by a long shot, but her dedication and focus have taken her far in a relatively quick period of time. She was promoted to Senior Apprentice at a Harper Hall banquet, along with several others friends and apprentices.
Moria was Searched for one of Ista's clutches, and after careful consideration, she decided to Stand. While there she met and made friends with Madeline, and Abriwind forever earned her dislike for smashing Moria's gitar, which had been a gift to her from Journeyman Sara. The allegations of Abriwind's crime remain, to this day, unproven. Moria did not Impress, though Madeline did, and became Lida, rider of blue Vrykth. While making her way back to Harper Hall the night of the Hatching, M'tej waylaid her. Reminded of her grief, angry and bitter, Moria lashed out at the brownrider, and then disappeared into the jungle to clear her head for a week, without asking for leave or telling anyone of her intentions. For a week the Harpers and the Weyr's riders searched for her to no avail, and one early morning she reappeared to her mentor, Journeyman Erikkhan, of her own volition. She was brought before Journeyman Alesa and Master Kurt, and demoted from Senior Apprentice to Apprentice, for the span of two months. At the end of that time she was informed that even one more slip-up, and she would be expelled from the Hall.
Since that time, Moria has been a model Senior Apprentice. She studies even harder, and strives to earn her own Journeyman's knot. Some say she's studying too hard — lately she's been seen with circles under her eyes, and her normally neat appearance is sometimes rumpled, as if she's fallen asleep in her clothes over a book on history. She's become somewhat forgetful, to the point of forgetting that she's taken dance, before. She is only rarely seen taking a break, and even during meals, there is a book and a skin of notes before her.
On the bright side, she was given a beautiful blue gitar by her mentor, Erikkhan, and her playing has improved quite a lot. Now she's pretty sure that she wouldn't be an embarrassment to Harper Hall, were her playing to be heard in public.


Relation Name Age* Current Status/History
Father Modesh (Dash) +32 Owner, Black Rock Messenger Station
Mother Morwain +30 Owner, Black Rock Messenger Station
Brother Modell (Dell) +12 Long-range Messenger
Sister-in-law Poshia +10 Weaver
Nephew Mosharin -8 Child
Niece Podella -10 Child
Niece Shialli -14 Child
Nephew Dello -17 Child
Sister Monik (Nikki) +9 Full-time mother
Brother-in-law Giriteg +9 Cobbler
Nephew Grom -9 Child
Nephew Tenik -11 Child
Niece Nikialla -12 Child
Niece Norka (twin) -20 Child
Niece Graime (twin) -20 Child
Brother Morvin +7 Long-range Messenger
Sister-in-law Falla +3 Potter
Niece Malla -15 Child
Nephew Finn -18 Child
Sister Molina (Lina) +4 Short-range Messenger
Brother-in-law Ostern +8 Stonesmith
Nephew Ossilo -13 Child
Niece Lassa -16 Child
Niece Anita -9 Child
Sister Monari (Nari) -1 Short-range Messenger
Brother-in-law Tuvin +0 Tanner
Niece Navi -21 Child
Brother Mordinn (Dinn) -2 Mid-range Messenger
Sister-in-law Espia -4 Weaver

*Age is relative to Moria's age

Extended Family

Relation Name Age* Current Status/History
Uncle (Paternal) Twodo +29 Messenger
Aunt-in-Law Larra +27 Cotholder
Cousins Larod, Trada, Ordo, Ralda Children
Aunt (Paternal) Larisa +25 Journeyman Weaver
Uncle-in-law Federn +26 Journeyman Weaver
Cousins Larin, Ferna, Derin Children
Uncle (Paternal) Thissin +21 Messenger
Aunt-in-law Endria +19 Beastcrafter
Cousins Thissia, Sinden, Driss Children
Uncle (Paternal) Maxim +18 Guard, Ruatha
Aunt-in-law Ula (deceased) +17 Guard, Ruatha
Cousins Lexi, Imla Children
Uncle (Maternal) Treagin +32 Messenger
Aunt-in-law Rishina +29 Full-time mother
Cousins Tigan (twin), Rigin (twin), Shirea, Nina, Grishin Children
Aunt (Maternal) Aridanna +25 Journeyman Harper, Ruatha posting
Uncle-in-law Niffet (deceased) +26 Harper
Cousins Ariff, Danni, Argin, Narin Children

*Age is relative to Moria's age



Sleek hide dappled with sunlight slides smoothly over rippling muscles, generally calm eyes can quickly whirl in agitation with fiery flecks of red and orange. Delicately veined wings flick forward, gossamer sails filled with the temptation to fly — when she does take to the air, she is as graceful as a ballerina, her every movement seeming like a dance. Streaks mark the firelizard's hide, a shade of gold only slightly darker than the rest but close enough in hue to blend in when she shifts position, the bars of color flickering in and out like a snake weaving through tall grass.


This lithe bronze firelizard nimbly dances about, all sleek hide and smooth lines. Overly large eyes, whirling with a mismatch of hues dart back and forward as he searches for food. He's not as large as other bronzes often are, but he makes up for it with quicksilver speed and boundless energy, sure on his feet and in the air.


Small for a blue, this firelizard bears no markings on his snow-shadow blue hide, though his wingsails and ridges are slightly darker in color, as are his claws. He is skinny and long, and whether or not he will fill out with age remains to be seen. His wide eyes and enthusiastic bearing make him seem permanently cheerful, an attitude which is easily seen in his actions and exuberant mannerisms.


Mid-sized for a green her age, this firelizard bears no markings on her peridot-colored hide, though her wingsails are slightly lighter in color, and her neck-, back- and tail-ridges are slightly darker. She is compact and curvaceous, with gently-curved muscles and a short face. Her eye-ridges seem to meld into her headknobs, and the set of them in conjunction with her narrow eyes, makes her seem permanently irritable. This attitude is plainly carried out in her mannerisms, as well.


Like the west wind, this small green is gentle, with a kind of delicate beauty that seems almost ethereal. Pale green hide, the color of some kinds of jade, only serves to reinforce the spirit-like appearance, and with that slim body, you could almost believe that a gust of wind might blow her away. Her beautifully shaped head and mild eyes, along with her grace of movement, easily broadcast her sweet nature to all who see her.

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