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Harper Journeyman Schmendrick originally hails from the Fort Main Hall, Schmendrick's history (the spam listed below) reveals a great portion of his personality. His specialty as an apprentice was originally in musical performance, but due to his personal quirks he was forced into the study of law and mediation, to reduce his anxiety. He has what would qualify as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), focused in some specific rituals (trouble walking through doorways on the wrong foot and counting steps), but mostly it stems in a severe germaphobe and requirement for order.

When he is less anxious, Schmendrick can be a very friendly and enthusiastic teacher, especially given such a dry topic as Pernese Law. But when he is going through an anxiety episode, he can be rude and extremely critical in attempts to regain order. In the end, it is meant to provide just enough interesting RP without being overly dramatic.


There is nothing grandiose about the man before you, reaching his adult height of just over six feet with a medium frame that is filled out contributing to his average size. Eyes are a blend of slate grey and hazel, the pale color dominating majority of his iris with slivers of brown-emerald cutting randomly. The orbs sit deeply into a lean, oval face with a plump looking nose, all consisting of a naturally light tan skin that covers his entire body. Neatly trimmed hair of klah brown sits atop his head, with only slight pockets on either side hinting to a future receding hairline. Scruff of the light brown hair seems to be constantly developed on his face, giving him a slightly unkempt look especially after days distracted with study.


Basic Outfit: The best way to describe the man's clothing is neat. His organized and tidy personality is reflected by a fine sisal collared shirt, bleached a pure white, that has been carefully pressed with a starched collar and not a single wrinkle is present on his visage. The collar of the shirt tightly cinches around his neck, hiding any hints of skin up to the base of his throat. The shirt smoothly tucks into a pair of dark brown slacks that also possess the lack of any imperfections, looking as if they are rarely worn at all. Holding up his pants around his medium waist are a pair of lighter brown suspenders that latch onto buttons of the pants. Finally a pair of wherhide moccassins adorn his feet, simple and yet maintained as to prevent any sort of wear marks.

Character History

A prodigy, or well, Schmendrick was supposed to be a prodigy given his well known Harper Master Father and his Healer Master Mother. Born singing a high tenor, he was destined for greatness in either field. At an early age, he often accompanied either parent in their lessons, whether it be orchestral composition or communicable diseases, and his knowledge of music and the healer arts expanded to an apprentice level before he ever was of apprenticeship age.

But along with his accelerated intellectual development, something had happened with his social and emotional development. At first it was noticeable when he would attend musical concerts, even the most minor mistake in tonal quality would send Schmendrick into a bout of anxiety and frustration. And with all the courses with his Healer mother, he developed a somewhat nervous behavior about all things germ related. Not to forget to mention the various obsessive-compulsive rituals that he would often perform throughout the day, disrupting performance practice or classes. Otherwise he appeared to be a normally functioning young boy, so his parents let him choose his route of apprenticeship in which he immediately decided to join the Harper craft.

Given his anxious behavior, musical lessons were quite difficult for Schmendrick, he was capable of matching pitch but the other learning apprentices were less than able. Arguments would occur between him and his classmates, or even his teacher, that resulted in many disciplinary actions (although mild due to his obvious talent in the field and his parentage). Eventually his disturbances, and his inability to perform with a group, resulted in a serious conversation about his future as a harper. In the meeting with the various Masters, it was decided that in addition to his musical talent, he also possessed a keen ability to be aware of fine details and a great memory for even the smallest details, and that if he wanted to continue his career as a Harper he would need to focus on the fields of Law, Mediation, History and Education. Choosing to follow the guidance of his Masters, Schmendrick quickly found his niche in the quiet (and clean) libraries of the Main Harper Hall.

His promotion to Journeyman was very quick after his switch to the new specialty. There was a trial, in which a local Lord Holder's son was being tried for infringing upon the autonomy of another Hold and the Harpers were requested to assist in the dealings, given the high profile parties. Schmendrick was minorly included in the proceedings, a recording scribe and general observer of the happenings. There was something out of place to Schmendrick, there was something off that related to the defendent's use of common law. With a little search through the historical law hides, Schmendrick was able to produce an obscure ruling, on a greatly faded hide, that occurred after the initial precedence was set that would absolve the son of any responsibility for his actions. This gained Schmendrick favor in the Lord Holder's eyes and the Holder encouraged the Harpers to promote Schmendrick, who had already fulfilled all other requirements for promotion.

Life as a Journeyman seemed to be ideal for Schmendrick, he was able to focus on his own specialty and hone his own skills without the interruption of classes that merely exacerbated his stress levels. The first few Turns as Journeyman, he hid in his hides and came out only to aid in mediation with various parties. But then something happened, Schmendrick, and obvious introvert, met a gorgeous hold girl named Delilah one day in the Courtyard. She saw Schmendrick's various quirks, but was able to look past them and actually helped Schmendrick come out of his shell a little and embrace life's disorder (somewhat).

Love blossomed between the pair, Schmendrick seemed happier every day spent with her and Delilah appeared to have found her purpose in life with him. But then, disaster struck and Delilah fell ill and eventually passed away in her sleep with Schmendrick by her side. A period of mourning then fell upon the Journeyman, finding solace in his meticulously cleaned and organized room and rarely coming out, even for meals and to teach (often apprentices found hides with lessons on them and assigned homework). Eventually the time for sadness should have passed, but due to his habits, Schmendrick continued his behavior of solitude. The Masters noticed this and felt compelled to act, finding the best way for Schmendrick to deal with his grief and his own quirks was to send him to sunny Ista Isle, where he would hopefully recouperate and continue to flourish in his studies.


Relation Name Age* Current Status/History
Father Frederick +25 Turns Harper Master - Fort Harper Hall
Mother Selmena +23 Turns Healer Master - Fort Healer Hall
- Schmendrick Born 11 Turns before Interval Harper Journeyman - High Reaches Hold
Spouse Delilah -4 Turns Deceased

*Age is relative to Schmendrick's age

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