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Vidianos came to the Istan Harper Hall as a senior apprentice, having studied (first unofficially, then slightly more officially) with Telgar Hold's resident Harper. Looking to specialise in writing (poetry), he is working keenly on his journeyman project - a collection of poems, many of which are loosely based on the rhyming scheme and meter of teaching songs, and none of which teach anything particularly moral or scientific - while trying to enforce a strict appreciation and observance of meter in all other aspiring poets at the Hall. And those who aren't aspiring, but have to write some of it for their classes. And those who don't particularly care about it at all. (He's kind of crazy about it, really.) He's rarely seen without his notebook and a pen, though his over-possessive gardening of said notebook has started to ease off. Well, a little bit.

In his first few months at Ista, Vidianos kept rather to himself, dealing with a fair bit of homesickness for Telgar (he'd never been away until coming to the Harper Hall), and trying to adapt to the much more structured, and much busier, milieu in which he found himself. Now that he feels a bit more at home, his intelligence, wittiness, and the occasional rebellious streak (when the occasion suits) have begun to shine through.


Caramel brown hair, catching golden in some light, feathers off in either direction from a part just left of centre, falling wavier at the back of his head, where it's been allowed to grow a bit longer. Dark brown eyes sit above high cheekbones set in a square face, framing a slightly concave nose, and beneath that, a thin-lipped mouth and chin bearing the slightest cleft. He is tall, standing about 6'1'', and of an average build, with a slight musculature and ink-stained fingers that suggest an intellectual rather than physical line of work.


Spring/Autumn: A light pair of brown pants, held with a woven black belt, fall to the backs of tan ankle-high boots, the right of which bears a dark discolouration which has been spread out by a brush, though the scrubbing seems to have not had the desired effect. The sleeves of an old light-weight tunic, that once was pure white, are rolled up to the elbows, the shirt itself tucked into his pants.

Character History

Vidianos was born and grew up in Telgar Hold. He is the first of three children, all from the same parents. His mother, Dolana, married a farmhand, Vidans - Vidianos' father - at age 18 (Vidans was 23). Two other children, both girls, Lisia and Dalia, were born to them over the next six years.

When Vidianos was nearly 7 turns old, his father left. Vidianos never received all that much explanation on the matter, and after his mother's reaction to his first few attempts at finding out, more or less dropped the subject as a means of protecting her. The result of a single-parent family was a fairly modest standard of living, though all the necessities were provided to the children through Dolana's efforts, and understanding from at least a few people at the hold. There was also a certain degree of censure, but what can be expected among the hidebound?

Vidianos began attending lessons taught by the hold's Harper, Thotric, quite early, after showing a certain interest in stories and aptitude in their memorisation. It wasn't long before he'd endeared himself to the old journeyman, and more often than not, when missing, could be found 'pestering' the man. After Vidans left, it was Dolana's encouragement which kept Vidianos from retreating to his family (to fill the role of 'man of the household') in lieu of spending time with the Harper. By the time he was 10, Vidianos was managing to sit in now and then on the prose composition classes Thotric was teaching his (posted) mentee. By the time he was 13, although he would help in the fields during the day as a means of ensuring he and his sisters were provided for, he had convinced Thotric he could be trusted with books of poetry, to be read over and returned, and more often than not, borrowed a second or third time. By the time he was 17, Vidianos was something of an unofficial apprentice. This coincided with the arrival of his uncle Benolan, who had been working his way through the ranks of Vintner, and had managed to get himself posted at the brewery in Telgar. However, even with Ben's help, Vidianos was quite insistent upon continuing his work, at least part-time, as a farm hand. A lifelong childhood friend, Carsyn, played no small part in keeping him sane when his workaholic nature would tug at him, forcing him to take time off and smell the flowers (or, the barley crops, as the case may be).


Relation Name Age* Current Status/History
Mother Dolana 19 turns older One of several assistants to the headman at Telgar Hold
Sister Lisia 3 turns younger Kitchen worker at Telgar Hold
Sister Dalia 6 turns younger Weaver applicant
Uncle Benolan 12 turns older Brewmaster (Vintner Journeyman) at Telgar Hold
Father Vidans 24 turns older Unknown

*Age is relative to Vidi's age

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