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Growing up at High Reaches was just the start a young Sara could ask for. There was plenty of work to do and plenty of time to spend with family and friends. Neither Sara nor her family were ones to jump lightly into anything. Though she has relatively little singling voice to speak of, Sara prefers to stand away from the spot light and instead work behind the scenes. She is warm, but closed off to most people and comes off very shy. Often she can be found in the instrument workshop humming quietly as she carves and creates instruments. She has a general proficiency with all wooden created instruments, and works closely with Smith craft when making the metal instruments for the hall.


Sara is of a medium build with lightly tanned skin (except for in the winter) and light brown hair. She is just slightly shorter than other women her age, but cannot be called exceptionally short. Her eyes are a dark green hidden under long eyelashes. A woman's body is marred only by the strong muscles can can be seen on her arms. Once soft hands have been browned and scared by time with knives and forges. Wry humor can be seen in her eyes and her red lips that hold a smile with small wrinkles at each side of her mouth.


Everyday Wear
Sara has on a long smart dress, with full folds and a bow to tie it up at once side. Her white top seems new and fits her perfectly. Somewhere she has learned to show off her best side. A brown firelizard is often seen perched on her shoulder.

Character History



Relation Name Age* Current Status/History
Mother Nann Deceased Died when Sara was 26
Father Sepnar 54 Works with the animals at High Reaches Hold.

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