Rules And Punishment

Pern is not a perfect world, and therefore neither are it's people. RP would rapidly become boring if everyone were constantly sweetness and light personified. So sometimes you just gotta break the rules. However, IC rule-breaking leads to IC consequences, ranging in severity with the severity of the crime. So before you go off and drop fellis in your History master's klah, take a look here to find out what will happen to you if you do. Make an informed decision, and always be sure to let the Staff know OOC about any planned major disobediences ahead of time. Like poisoning the History master. (Just kidding! Please don't kill anyone!)

First off, let's look at the Rules…


  • Apprentices may not form romantic relationships of any kind. This distracts you from your studies, and that's a Bad Thing.
  • Apprentices may not drink alcohol, or be found in possession of it. Again, studies are a concern. Hangovers are not conducive to productive learning.
  • Apprentices may not leave the area they are posted to without express and prior permission, and/or must be accompanied by a Jr. Journeyman or higher. (This is an area where NPCs are useful, as it would be no fun to hang around Ista all the time)
  • Apprentices should spend the nights in their respective dorms. If you want to room elsewhere, make sure you have prior approval. Apprentices should also not enter the dorm of the opposite gender. No males in the Female Dorms, or vice-versa.
  • Apprentices are not permitted to sell items they have made, without receiving Craft approval from a Jr. Journeyman or higher.
  • Apprentices are also not permitted to purchase expensive items such as runnerbeasts, diamond necklaces, broadswords, etc. Also, IC-ly, you probably wouldn't have the money, anyways.
  • Apprentices can have pets, as long as the animal is well behaved, and caring for it does not affect your studies.
  • Avoid violence. Harpers are noted for their restraint and talent for mediation. We have the Craft's reputation and dignity to uphold. Don't blow it in a drunken brawl.
  • Apprentices are not allowed to perform Handfastings or other binding ceremonies.
  • Above all, respect and obey those of higher rank, regardless of Craft, Hold or Weyr. Always act in a manner which upholds the dignity of the Craft.


Journeymen are permitted to do the following:

  • Handfast, and perform the ceremonies.
  • Drink and possess alcohol, although excess is frowned upon
  • Purchase expensive items and sell their own creations.
  • Travel where they wish, and room where they wish
  • Interview applicants and teach classes without supervision or prior approval.
  • Senior Journeymen may take postings to other Holds, Halls or Weyrs.

Journeymen should follow the following guidelines for behavior:

  • Avoid violence. Again, you are expected to behave as an emissary of the Craft. While dueling will not be punished at the Journeyman level, it is to be avoided if at all possible.
  • Respect those of higher rank, regardless of their Craft, Hold, or Weyr.
  • Act with moderation and due process. Consult with others before embarking on a path that will have consequences for others.
  • Avoid excess in any area of living.
  • Always act in a manner which upholds the dignity of your Rank and your Craft.

Masters really shouldn't need to be informed of the rules, but for the sake of continuity, the rules and codes of conduct applicable to them are pretty much the same as for the Journeymen.

Bad Boys, Bad Boys… Whatcha Gonna Do? Aka: Crime and Punishment

So, you want to break the rules, push the envelope, live on the edge? You rebel, you! We trust you've read through the rules and have decided just what you want to do. To aid in finalizing your plans, here's what will generally happen to you for a given offense.

Level One Offenses

These are the mildest form of rule-breaking, and probably the most common. They'll be handled on the spot, and will not involve major calamity. Punishment, if applied, is most likely to be added chores, written apologies or something creative that fits the crime. I.e.: Steal a batch of bubbly pies, and get stuck assisting the Bakers for a fortnight. Warnings are a more common way of dealing with this. You also really don't need to inform the Staff about this sort of thing.

Specific for Apprentices

  • Being caught drinking, or possessing alcohol, or displaying signs of drunkenness. The majority of rankers will probably turn a blind eye to this, since Harpers are known to be fond of a glass now and again.
  • Being caught flirting with a member of the opposite sex. Or same sex, for that matter. Again, this is an area where the discretion of the ranker comes into play, because, again Harpers are known to be fond of flirting
  • Causing disorder in class, or minor disrespect to those ranking you.


  • Skipping classes, and/or neglecting your work
  • Mild pranking causing no physical harm. i.e.: How did those underwear end up on the flagpole?
  • Behavior unfitting to a Harper such as public argument, non-violent, or minor disrespect to those ranking you. Air the dirty linen out of the public view please!
  • Other cases of a similar degree.

Level Two Offenses

These are a grade higher than Level Ones. You're not going to get off with just a warning, but the punishments are still far from draconian, and are still handed out on the spot. Any Level One offense repeated thrice will warrant Level Two treatment. The worst you'll get here is confinement to quarters, or to the Hall proper, or short rations for a fortnight. Most will be dealt with by added chores, or any of the other steps listed above. Use your discretion about informing the Harper Staff

Specific for Apprentices

  • Being caught in the dorm of the opposite sex. Or, being caught rooming elsewhere without prior approval.
  • Being caught in a romantic relationship, first offense.
  • Being caught drunk and disorderly
  • Attempting to sell an instrument or other creation without prior approval. In this instance, punishment will also include the confiscation of any marks earned.
  • Attempting to interview, or teach a class without prior approval and/or supervision¤, or attempting to perform a Handfasting ceremony.
  • Being found out to be plotting a duel, or being caught dueling
  • Other breaches of apprentice rules of a similar magnitude.

¤This doesn't mean you can't teach classes, if a senior apprentice. And it's not hard to get permission. Just @send *hcou with your idea, your time, and anything else pertinent, and we'll probably say "Sure". Then, either log it, or get a ranker to attend or watch via firelizard. Handfastings are still a no-no, though.


  • Being involved in a minor physical scuffle with no injury resulting, both sides involved.
  • Pranking involving lasting physical effects, or damage to property, but no intent to cause true harm. i.e.: Dying the hair of a sleeping journeyman.
  • Continual disrespect to those who rank you.
  • Behavior unfitting to a Harper of a greater degree than level one.
  • Other offenses of the same degree as these examples.

Level Three Offenses

This is serious stuff here. Do not undertake these unless you really know what you're getting into! Continued offences of Level Two magnitude will be classified as Level Three. Punishment can range from confinement to quarters and short rations up to expulsion from the Craft. Journeymen and higher may be removed from postings, or reassigned to distant ones as well. The Masters will be brought in on something of this magnitude. And please, inform the Staff OOC-ly of your plans by dropping us a line on the *hast mailer, so we can discuss what you want to happen to you.

Specific to Apprentices

  • Being found to be pregnant, or having caused a pregnancy. Or continuing to engage in a romantic relationship after having been caught and punished before.
  • Other serious breaches of apprentice rules.


  • Pranks causing physical harm, great damage to property, or pranks pulled with malicious intent
  • Violence causing injury
  • Unprovoked violence
  • Severe disrespect to those of higher rank.
  • Criminal behavior, as defined under the Charter and Pernese Law.
  • Other serious offenses.
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