What is HarperCraft?

What Is the Harpercraft?

The Harpercraft is perhaps the most versatile Pernese craft, encompassing many fields. Teaching is perhaps its most important function, encouraging open, creative, forward-looking thought. A Harper acts as mediator, official record-keeper, political advisor, and judge, among others in their role as a representative of the Craft and and the Hold or Weyr to which they are posted. Of course, the Craft's best known trade is entertainment, in realms that range from theatre to art to dance to their most conspicuous field, music.

So You Want To Be a Harper?

The Harpercraft is one of the most popular crafts, both in the books and on Harper’s Tale. So what do you have to do to become a member of the craft? Not much.


First, you'll need to develop a character on Harper's Tale MOO. Guides are posted to help during the creation process. Once you've been approved to enter the game, spend some time walking around, interacting, reading help files; basically, get to know the game, the theme, and the areas. At this point, it's a good idea to add the channel [Music Student] (see 'help channels' if you don't know how, and be careful: capitalization counts), where you'll find people who can help. Once you've done that, you'll need a well-developed character, and an @history that gives the character's background in enough detail to show that you've thought it through. Ask around for help in developing your concept, or let it develop through RP around the MOO. We do prefer you to have had some scenes with the character before you come for an interview, but we won't necessarily insist on that.


Once you have a character concept worked out, ask on the Music Student channel for an interview. Any harper can help you with questions, but you'll need to speak to a journeyman or master to be interviewed and let into the craft.

Generally, during the interview the interviewer will try to get a feel for your understanding of MOOing, Roleplaying, and knowledge of Pern. However, the interview is not a test! We just want to see that you have a general understanding of the aspects of being a Harper on Harper’s Tale.

If you have any more questions, feel free to page any member of the Harper staff, or send mail to *harpstaff. We are always happy to help!


Information about Insta-Harpers

The Harper Craft may from time to time accept, or advertise for, insta-Harpers, defined as characters created with the rank of journeyman, or, more rarely, other ranks. It is expected that applications for Master rank will not normally be accepted unless the craft has advertised.

Opportunities to create an insta-Harper might be advertised for short-term TP characters, or on a more permanent basis to fill a gap in the makeup of the Hall, e.g. someone to teach a particular subject. The reason for accepting other insta-characters is that we recognise that some players may wish to play older characters, or may have plans for a character that could not be carried out with an apprentice.

Insta-journeymen, other than advertised vacancies, will be at least 25 years of age. This is because we do not want to create insta-journeymen at the expense of a viable number of apprentices.

All requests for insta-Harpers will be acknowledged immediately and an application sent.

The application will as a minimum ask for a background of the character, what the player intends to do with the character including possible plot-hooks (except for TP-characters), and previous experience of playing harpers including the names of current or previous harper characters on HT.

Applicants may be invited to RP a trial scene as the character, and/or attend an IC/OOC interview. Follow-up questions to the application may be asked.

Unsolicited applications will then be voted on by Harper staff and must achieve a simple majority of votes cast to be accepted. There is, however, no presumption that they /will/ be accepted. If the craft has advertised, the staff will decide between applicants if there is more than one: if only one application is received, a simple majority to accept the applicant is required. In all cases, a time limit will be set for voting.

Transfer requests from other games will be treated as insta-applications. In the case of transfer requests from a game that is closing, age limits may be waived.

If a suitably qualified existing harper is interested in a particular posting, they will normally be given preference over any insta-applications for that posting.

If you have any more questions, feel free to page any member of the Harper staff, or send mail to *harpstaff. We are always happy to help!


Current Leadership (as of 12/22/09)

Istan Crafthead: Veldara
Istan Crafthead's Second: Open

IC Masterharper: Oriana (NPC)
IC Craftsecond: Caramak (NPC)
Teraille (NPC)


X1: Alesa
X2: Open


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